How to deal with difficult children

That's an interesting piece, with what looks to me like massive improvement in the way difficult kids are handled in school. But (in my unscientifically trained opinion), it misses a great big old point. That very often, difficult children act out because they feel alone, unloved, and misunderstood....more

Separating Me from Them

I carried them in my body for 40 weeks, each.  I grew them, cell-by-cell, limb-by-limb, inch-by-inch.  My body created them from two half-cells into tiny but whole people....more

Because I Love you SO Much!

My eldest daughter and I haven't always gotten along.  She is oftentimes hyper-emotional and I am oftentimes too impatient to deal with it (one of my biggest mommy shortcomings and sources of major mommy guilt)....more

3 1/2 Pounds of Love

I know that I am loved.  Unconditionally.  One hundred percent. Her name is Lucy.  She is a two-year old Chihuahua. She loves completely, with her entire tiny body, every fiber of her 3 ½ pound being.  When I return home, whether I have flown to Paris and back or simply walked to the mailbox, the greeting is always the same....more

Can't I just be happy and enjoy these special moments?

I feel like other mums are constantly putting down first time mums with stories of their terrible pregnancies! And not only that, but when we are feeling great and enjoying ourselves, they chime in with all these negative comments: "Just wait until blah blah happens..." and "You think that now, but soon..." Ugh! Just let me be! I am feeling terrific and am loving every second I have with my little girl tumbling in my tummy. I honestly couldn't be happier, so stop trying to ruin it!...more


 We met each other,Spent time together; We loved Unconditionally,But I let you free, finally; ...more


Every person in this world has one's own wish, desire or expectation towards something or someone. But what makes one happy and peaceful is that the love and affection that is showed to her/him. People who do not need to show love but at least they stop showing hatredness towards the persons around them....more

Babies Don't Hate: How My Son Showed a Stranger Love

There are days (and nights) when I could happily give Piggle back to the circus he evidently came from -- the past 24 hours, being a perfect example of this, but then there are also those moments when he completely blows me out of the water. It’s times like that when I realize how amazing he is and how lucky I am to be his mommy. I’ve been teaching the boy sign language since day one....more
 @JennaHatfield And so is his mama! What a beautiful, beautiful story. Thank you. more

Creating Unconditional Love

Love, commitment and relationships seem to be in disfavor these days. I’m seeing a lot of articles and TV shows saying love doesn’t last, so why bother. But, I believe that all of us want to be loved, and I know from experience that a relationship can work, and that a great partnership is a joy not to be missed....more

Somethings I've Learned.

What is something I've learned?...more