Give a Better Presentation!

Want to give a better presentation? I give a lot of them. Here are my best tips. See below for a printable one-page checklist that will put everything you need to get ready for a talk from your drycleaning to your Powerpoint on a single sheet of paper. Lisa’s Presentation Tips How many slides should I have? ...more

I'll be out in your state talking about consumer electronics, features and women - thanks for ...more

Thinking of topics for the unconference Sunday

Since arriving at BlogHer this morning overnight from O'Reilly's Open Source Convention I have been listening to sessions and making 'comments' occasionally on what panelists say wishing it was all more interactive. So if you are like me...dreaming about what "could be" at BlogHer - a topic that hasn't been discussed, a question that hasn't been answered, something you are dying to share with others - whatever it is it can be real on Sunday during the Open Space (unconfence). Go to the Wiki and post your topic ideas and wished for sessions (find the login button in the top corner and then enter the the password for the wiki is: women). ...more