So Long, Suckers: "It Creature" Zombies Leave Vampires in the Lurch

Ever since the publication of a certain 2005 novel in which a sparkly centarian disguised as a teen heartthrob seduced a dead-eyed transfer student in a tree (hint for those living underground, or in exile -- it rhymes with “Schmilight”), vampires have ruled the pop culture landscape, spawning TV shows, indie-rock bands, and some very creepy Etsy products. But if recent media trends are any indication, there’s a new It Creature swaying stiffly into town. ...more

Not a fan. At all. But I am a complete scaredy cat, so that's ...more

Classic Literature, Potentially Improved by Zombies

I'm having tremendous fun, reading "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies." I had the guilty, but fleeting, thought that I should go back and reread the original. But--- really, zombies are much more fun, and I get the gist of the original enough.  I think. Check out my list of books that could be improved with a few zombies.  Everything from Dickens to Salinger to Tolstoy. ...more