Last Words From This Undecided In WI: I'm Tired

I'm tired of hearing Tammy Baldwin screaming "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT", I'm tired of hearing Mitt's 47% secret video, I'm tired of hearing all the commercials, and all of the negativity. I am somewhat enlightened with the POTUS's Monday commercials urging people to get out and vote without slandering Mr. Romney. (But wait! The 47% commercial just aired again!) I'm also relieved to hear Tammy speaking in a normal voice and not sounding like a fishwife. ...more
@elaineR.N. It's over now. All but the counting. I did my part! :)more

Afraid to Voice Your Political Opinion?

I am. I'm getting more vocal, but I've kept quiet pretty much to hubby the entire election season but I can no longer do so. I listen to his attempts to justify why I should vote for Mitt Romney. His main reason all along is that he worked his way out of the ghetto to grow a business that will be penalized if Obama is elected by hitting us harder with taxes. That's a pretty valid reason, but not enough. I'm considering the future of the entire country, not just us, in deciding who to vote for. ...more
@OldeSquid I agree with everything above except for the part that you didn't vote.more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Sticking to Your Plans 3-24-12

Good news!Intuition is at an all time high today, creating insightful awareness in your mental activities.You are inspired and are sticking to your plans with great focus.Opposing Energies: unaware, undecided, noncommittalYou may be feeling like you have to divide yourself in your work, or at the very least, multitask.And perhaps there may be a struggle or two with decisions and/or with people.Pay attention to your plans.You can be reducing your creative energies on worry and indecision!...more

Ambivalence About Having Kids Shouldn’t Be Taboo

All my life I have assumed that I would get married and have kids, but I never once had an active urge to make babies. I knew women and men who had always dreamed of the day they could have their own families, and next to them I felt like I was a bad person. Their behaviour, shock at my ambivalence, and society’s influence made me feel like something was wrong with me. I was broken. I was not a good woman....more

Why are you undecided?

I'm undecided. My husband said to me this morning that he can't believe how many people are still undecided about who to vote for in the upcoming elections in Canada and the United States. If I was in the United States, I would have no problem making up my mind. The choices are, in my mind, polar opposites and one is in line with my view of the world and the other is not.  ...more