ABA Therapist

ABA therapist in early intervention for special needs children focus on getting the children to learn life skills in order to be part of the society and curve some of the behaviors. The process start as soon as the child gets up from bed, a regular routine is very important and any changes can upset the child. He or she can communicate what he or she needs, and what he or she is avoiding or seeking....more

Day 1

Day 1 of a new lifestyle,  maybe. ...more

How to get FREE tennis balls for your Dog

  Max loves tennis balls. It could be defined more as an obsession really.  Max is either chewing on a tennis ball, chasing a tennis ball or carrying a tennis ball around. Max can even bark at the evil lawnmower while holding a tennis ball in his mouth. The problem is that Max chews tennis balls into pieces. He goes through 2-3 balls a week....more
I dreamed about tennis balls last night. I'm blaming you. And Max. Still love this, though. :-)more

Pasta and Self-Pity

How long will I mourn the loss of gluten?  I stood in the aisle of my small town grocery store tonight and held back tears because the slot where my gluten-free spaghetti usually sits is now occupied by a whole-wheat pasta version that no one ever buys.  I felt pathetic standing there with my mouth agape, pasta sauce in one hand, bagged salad in the other.  Three years after my diagnosis of Celiac Disease, I'm still stumbling along in the wilderness of gluten-free living....more
I bet everyone has "relapses" or just moments of random sadness when they realise how many of ...more

How To Have An Imperfect Christmas

How To Have An Imperfect ChristmasI LOVE Christmas. It is full of joy and laughter….But what I especially love about the festive season is that it is the one time you get to break all the parenting rules and blame it on Christmas.Mince pies before dinner tonight? Why not, it’s Christmas!Sherry in the afternoon? Don’t mind if I do! It’s Christmas!CBeebies for two hours while I recover from that afternoon sherry drinking session, you say?  Sod it, it’s Christmas!...more

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

This recipe is a MUST HAVE at your next Holiday Party or get together....more

What you need to know before you get marry?

To all women , you are a Princess and you will evolve into a Queen. Be yourself. "Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself." The only person that can stop you from achieving your goals and dreams is you. Do not let other people tell you who you are. It is not about anybody else, you count. The future is a print out of what you do today, therefore, do something today. Make sure you have she money in the Italian culture the money they gave you at the wedding is yours to keep as her money and add a little amount to it every month....more

Halloween Guilt

Worse than Jewish guilt, Catholic guilt and even Mom guilt – I am experiencing something completely different this morning – Halloween guilt.Yes, there is such a thing – and this is how I know.There are so many creative moms who put together the most original and beautifully made costumes. You can tell they did not step one foot into the Halloween store. They went to Michaels or some other artsy place and put a lot of thought into this. In the end, these were costumes made with blood, sweat, tears and love....more
I feel your pain. When my kids were little I always felt guilty about not putting enough effort ...more

Chubby and Anxious? No Coverage for You!


Little Things Matter

When I arrived at the hospital I was prepared for a long and boring morning in the waiting room. To pass the time, I had a book with me (of course) and my phone was fully charged ready for some guilty pleasure web surfing....more