Important Questions To Ask Your Prospective Conveyancing Lawyer

The process of buying a property typically requires that you acquire the services of a conveyancer or conveyancing lawyer to facilitate the smooth transfer of property ownership between vendor and buyer. Their job is to ensure all paperwork and documentation meets required standards and that all monies have been transferred before the change of ownership can go through. However, conveyancing in Melbourne is a service that is provided to varying degrees of quality, much like any service out there....more

look within

I am feeling nothing and it is also a feeling. Feeling kind of lost. Don’t know what to do, I don’t know what I really want. After my exams, I have these two months absolutely free and I know that I need to pretty much care about my health but as of now, in this moment, I m numb, tired and sad. I don’t smile anymore, nothing makes me happy, nothing interests me, I am blank.I have been through too many emotions and now emotions matter nothing, nothing at all. I am totally blank....more

Reflections for Children's Grief Awareness Week

Personal Reflections on Children’s Grief Awareness DayGrief is a very heavy word, carrying with it the weight of sadness, fear, shock and turmoil that is felt on the death of a loved one. We take responsibility for our own responses to grief, but we also occasionally must take responsibility for others’ responses, particularly in relation to the vulnerable, such as children....more

For Richer or Poorer: How Not to Fight When Money Gets Tight

Studies show that the number one thing couples dread talking about is, no, not sex but -- money. Other studies reveal that even though women are out there in the work force in record numbers, when they marry, they still tend to turn over the family finances to their husbands. It’s time for women to realize that if they can bring home the bacon, they can certainly help decide what to do with it once it gets there. ...more

24 Hour Detox Drink To Cleanse Your Body

The holiday excitements got to you and you did enjoy yourself to the fullest not remembering that there will be after effects, right? But not to worry, because with this 24 hour Detox Drink  you will be able to cleanse your entire body. You will feel younger, you will be re-energized and revitalized....more

Mango Kiwi Banana Summer Smoothie

A. Salmon...more

Hump Day How To: Doritos Taco salad

Hump Day How To: Doritos Taco Salad...more