Write in Your Own Voice

Do you ever feel like your writing voice blends into everyone else's and that it seems so darn hard to sound like yourself?...more

My Day Job vs My Passion

I have a day job, and I really enjoy it. I work as a Registered Medical Assistant in a thriving surgical practice, and I really love what I do and I love the people with whom I work. I am always in a great mood when I arrive at the office, because I believe that your attitude when you walk through the door sets the tone for the day....more

Advances in Cervical Cancer Screening…The Demise of the Annual PAP

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, so now is the perfect time to update you on the latest guidelines for PAP testing. There is a new day dawning in the Age of Aquarius!...more

I Wasn't Her Friend

 When I was a young girl there was a special woman in my life who did not care if I liked her as her role was not to be my friend.  I will admit she made me mad sometimes and I did not always agree with her...more

Work, Life and Finding the Balance

I am the mother of a handsome 9 year old, the Director of Student Services, and a full-time graduate student enrolled in an Educational Leadership Degree program and his woman. How do I find the balance?Being A Mother: Motherhood is an absolute joy to me. I breathe in fresh air every time he smile at me, say thank you for being his mom and most of all, out of no where he’ll kiss me and say “mommy I love you.” Some people ask: Do you wish he were still a baby? My response is "no I'm looking forward to each and every moment of raising Jordan...more

Teach Your Children the Value of Giving this Christmas

 “There must be more to Christmas.  I think we’re really missing something…..” the character sings in the classic Veggie Tales movie, “The Star of Christmas.”...more

I know not to speak to soon.

A good update on whats happening with me.Well I went to a different GP yesterday and basically got a second opinion about everything that is going on. He was extremely understanding and said he had no idea why my school wouldn't give me work at home and why the letter from the other GP wasn't good enough and my school needed more. He said that is a letter from the doctor, a professional, what more could they need? Thankfully he knew that I was not fit enough to attend school and work at home would be the best option because he knew how difficult things can be. ...more

7 ground rules for arguing with the one you love!

-Never go to sleep without making up first, you will regret it.-Never carry an argument on into the next day, its unnecessary.-Once it's over don't bring it up again, that's just going to cause extra conflict.-Don't bring others into your argument, it's between you two, not the whole world.-Don't argue in public.-If you're wrong admit it.-Always tell your partner that you love them just before you go to sleep and always have a cuddle.N xo...more

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ABA Therapist

ABA therapist in early intervention for special needs children focus on getting the children to learn life skills in order to be part of the society and curve some of the behaviors. The process start as soon as the child gets up from bed, a regular routine is very important and any changes can upset the child. He or she can communicate what he or she needs, and what he or she is avoiding or seeking....more