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There are ten things you can do to help celebrate YOU...Let's begin with #1: look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I love you.”...more

Why Giving More When You Have Less Pays

 It seems bad form to discuss money or the lack of it in public.  We applaud those who share their difficulty when they overcome it.  But when we are suffering, experiencing lack of sleep, anxiety, depression or a combination of these, we don't talk about it because, well it is bad form. ...more

Grandma's Jitters

Usually I visit my mom every other day, but since the baby arrived it's been difficult to keep up the visiting schedule.  My mom is seventy years old and tends to get a "little" nervous when the baby is around.  Everytime she gets all worked up I tell her to stop over reacting and relax.  She became a grandmother when she was forty-five so when my three grown up children were small she was full of energy and gave me hands on help raising them.  To makes thing a little more difficult, my baby is really my brother's in law fourth child with his third wife.  My husband...more

Pickled Cabbage and Carrot Salad - Russian "kimchi"

Snacking in the Kitchen  Get the full recipe on Snacking in the Kitchen...more

Cooking with love

Welcome to the world of cooking...more

Democratic Momma Caucus

As a 45 year old woman, I have come to the conclusion that the only time anyone involved with politics looks for us is at election time and all of the sudden, women, especially MIDDLE AGED WOMEN and older have to jump and down to be heard. I decided to start the DEMOCRATIC MOMMA CAUCUS.. Maybe if enough of us MOMMAS can bind ourselves together , we can start pushing things that matter to us together... as a group. Healthcare and its implementation Women's health initiatives Making sure we are paid the same as men ...more

Fields I Am Not Cut Out For Friday

Recently, I took on the role of supportive wife to an injured husband. It wasn't too difficult, I suppose. More a labor of love than hard labor like say, dredging a lake or cleaning the shower door track. To be clear, I've never actually dredged before and really the only holes I've ever dug were at the beach and, well, that's just down right fun. But, I digress. ...more

Red Carpet Ready

I really am not sure what I am supposed to do here? I thought it was a sweepstakes. LOL Anyone want to be my mentor? Please...more
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De-stressing your Tresses

De-stressing your TressesFly-Aways – Dry Brittle Breaking Hair...more

JK Rowling: And now for something completely different

Last week I wrote a post about faking confidence for Nurturing Creativity. It posted on Thursday—the same day that JK Rowling's new adult not fantasy novel was released.How very appropriate, I thought.Because what JK Rowling did with her latest book takes a lot of guts. Even if you are the first author billioniare....more