It’s almost Halloween and I thought I would tell the story of my worst costume ever.  You know this is sure to be horrifying and embarrassing to no end.I was 12 years old and hadn’t yet come into my natural beauty that I now have. What I did have was awkwardness, I was skinny to a fault, I had braces, and very little fashion sense. I wasn’t pretty or even cute, I was gawky and insecure....more

7 Things My Mother Got Right

Mothers are always thinking about theories of parenting,  about how to raise the best kids they possibly can, and beating themselves up with guilt if they don't give their children every opportunity. ...more

My first Post!! AMAZEBEANS Tuna Saladdd (mayo-free) YUMMY

So I just had this for dinner and I literally almost started crying.  It was soooo good.  I love tuna salads and all those other mayonaise covered salads and since I've been trying to get fit I have been steering clear.  Tonight I was REALLY craving  it so I did what I pretty much do all day, look at yuuummy heallthy recipesss.  I found this and tried it and NEEDED to share soo hereyago;*INGREDIENTS:1 can tuna ( or anything  else)1teaspoon Dijon Mustard .5teaspoon onion powder (optional)...more

The Papal Bossa Nova

Eulalia Benejam Cobb (Lali)Blog:  MyGreenVermont.comWebsite:

My Top 5 Favs :: Design Tool Sites

I’m here today to share my Top 5 Fav’s when it comes to design tool sites. There’s a sea of websites out there that provide stock pictures, fonts, photoshop tools and more. I encourage you to check these out and find out for yourself what ones you might want to use! 5. Shutter Stock. This website claims to have over 25 million stock photos available. This site is a little more than just that, as it provides vectors and videos as well. ...more

8 Places to Get Inspired Online

No matter how much you train yourself to keep your creative work on track, you will eventually get stuck or want a fresh perspective. And besides, sometimes it’s just fun to give your creativity a jolt with a little exercise. A creative prompt can be useful for any of these situations.There’s a slew of options for inspiration and creative prompts across the Internet … which can make it even harder to know where to turn when you’re looking for one right now. To get you started, here are seven of my favorite sources:...more

Inspirational quote

There are ten things you can do to help celebrate YOU...Let's begin with #1: look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I love you.”...more

Why Giving More When You Have Less Pays

 It seems bad form to discuss money or the lack of it in public.  We applaud those who share their difficulty when they overcome it.  But when we are suffering, experiencing lack of sleep, anxiety, depression or a combination of these, we don't talk about it because, well it is bad form. ...more

Grandma's Jitters

Usually I visit my mom every other day, but since the baby arrived it's been difficult to keep up the visiting schedule.  My mom is seventy years old and tends to get a "little" nervous when the baby is around.  Everytime she gets all worked up I tell her to stop over reacting and relax.  She became a grandmother when she was forty-five so when my three grown up children were small she was full of energy and gave me hands on help raising them.  To makes thing a little more difficult, my baby is really my brother's in law fourth child with his third wife.  My husband...more