How to Guarantee Love

If a company claimed it could not only identify who your soul mate is but also the exact moment you will meet, would you pony up the dough to pay for their services?...more

Big, juicy burgers!

 I'm making thick, juicy burgers on the grill tonight. I can't wait! With cheese and all the trimmings! I'm also making homemade onion rings. Yum!!!...more

Resume an Old, Healthy Habit

Good morning!There is coffee by "Chat n Brew" in my mug right now that tastes like "Tar n Cigarettes". Nasty. I'm meant for better things today, so I'm not going to start off my morning with that agreement......more

Staying Healthy: Aging and Resolutions

One of the things that occupies my mind as I age is figuring out what I can do to stay healthy.  Last week it was time to see the internist, my breast specialist, and  the gynecologist.   I see all of these women twice a year except the GYN.  And I dread it.I also visited a friend's husband in a rehab facility in Queen's, NY. I saw my other friend's sister who is being cared for in their home,  and then off to yet another friend  who is recovering from a broken femur in a rehab facility....more

Break the Cycle of Overeating

Hi, I just added to a Facebook thread in response to someone asking for advice on how to get out of the cycle of overeating. Figured I would publish my reply here for you on Lindspiration! These are things I've learned from all my experience, teachers and fellows over the years. Oh, and let me just say this has not exactly been the most successful holiday season for me so far and I am very much intending to take my own advice. I am learning with you! Here we go: ...more


It hurts to see you thin out like this.Now you look like a bubble head....more

Dinner On the Cheap........Pork Adobo with Rice

This adobo is a Philippino version, it is great in the crockpot but can be done in the oven.  My kids go crazy for this and it only has a few ingredients.  It is a really tasty dish, if you prefer chicken it can be easily substituted. 1 pork roast, sized to fit your family. I usually use a 3-4 loin roast, I buy a four pack from Costco.2T olive oil32 oz chicken stock1 c. soy sauce1 c. cider vinegar3 bay leaves2 cloves of peeled garlic...more

Strawberries & Cream Heart Cakes

  I have recently been 'cooking up a storm' at My Birthday Party headquarters to give you some yummy, tried and tested recipes that you can use at your child's birthday party or for any occasion!...more

Stop the Bed Wetting Blues

One of the signs that your child's ready to stop wearing pull-ups at night is that they wake up dry in the morning. My son, who will be four in a couple of months, had been waking up dry for over a month so I decided to move him to just wearing underpants at night.I've used a couple of tricks to reduce the chances of bed wetting:...more

Super easy Chcocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake

It’s been a long time since I have been on here and I have missed sharing with everyone.  I got caught up with the hard times in my community and with my restaurant.  With the economy being so bad in our area and factories be closed or on strike it has been hard on my business.  Now I find out the mall I am renting form is getting foreclosed on and we are not sure what is going to happen with our leases.  I still get up every day and try to do anything I can to drum up business, with the weather cooling off now I see an increase in business and hope it keeps goin...more