You Don't Have the Right to Serve My Kid Alcohol

Four young guys, high school students and month-ago graduates, were involved in a terrible car accident in which two of them died and one of them remains in the hospital. Alcohol was found in the car and at the party which they left. ...more
to  Funny...We don't think someone is ready at 18 to make responsible decisions about ...more

Kick Underage Drinking Myths to the Curb

 With graduation and summer parties just around the corner, I was thinking about what it means to be a parent with children who are at an age where they may drink. No, I’m not talking about kids who are 21 years old. I’m talking about underage drinking. Because, let’s face it, many of us drank illegally when we were kids and so will our children no matter how hard we try....more

Not The Usual When It Comes to Talking With Your Teen About Drinking

Lisa FrederiksenIt's difficult to know what to say to an older teen when it comes to drinking alcohol -- especially when "everybody's doing it." One approach is to share information from the perspective of how to stay safe when around friends who are drinking. Here are three informational conversation starters for these kinds of talks:...more

Responsible Parent or Busybody

    I have three very different kids.   They approach so many things in life differently that sometimes it amazes me.  Em follows rules and doesn't understand why others don't.  Patrick is looking for every loop hole.  To be honest the jury is still out on Meg but who knows.  Though a friend has suggested we start a bail found for her now, it's always the quiet ones she says.      With that being said it wasn't surprising that Em was very upset about what she found posted on a friend's facebook page.  Sh...more

Thanks for your reply

My daughter is going to talk with her friend and see how it goes. Then ...more

Mistakes - It's What You Do After You've Made One

Lisa FrederiksenI will never forget and will be forever grateful for the way my daughter’s school vice-principal (VP) handled my daughter’s suspension for drinking at the school dance, nor will I ever forget and will be forever proud of the way my daughter handled herself and the fall-out....more

Hate the Act of Drunk Driving Not the Drunk Driver

In religion it is not uncommon to hear the phrase hate the sin not the sinner. When it comes to drunk driving, shouldn’t we take a position to hate drunk driving but not the drunk driver?A story in drunk driving news a short time ago headlines the outcry of a major drunk driving prevention organization’s protest against a drunk driver’s video apology. The apology was posted on YouTube for alleged feedback to find out its effectiveness as a PSA against drunk driving....more

Brain Development Ages 12-25: Major Changes; Major Implications for Underage Drinking

Lisa FrederiksenAs a follow-up to yesterday’s post, “Teen Stress and the Substance Misuse Connection,” I thought I would repost one that I wrote in October 2009 and updated March 4, 2011. The connection between the two posts has to do with the potentially devastating consequences of underage drinking (or drug use, for that matter) as a result of the brain development that occurs from ages 12-20, often through 25....more

When Adults Send Mixed Messages

Lisa FrederiksenHere are some messages from adults that I’ve repeatedly heard regarding underage drinking, followed by the way teens often interpret the message, and in some cases, followed by a second thought for the adult. Adult: If you’re going to drink, don’t drive – call me. Teen:  It’s okay to drink as long as I don’t drive....more

As Parents - We Can Make the Difference

Lisa FrederiksenAs parents… WE can make the difference… Two of the five key risk factors for developing the disease of addiction (whether it’s an addiction to illegal or prescription drugs or to alcohol) are early use and mental illness. In light of this, consider the following statistics (source: SADD,