Even before Google, my mother knew

Being Highly Sensitive isn't easy. Being Highly Sensitive and not knowing it is even less easy.I didn't always know what I was, or why I was the way I was. But there was a time when I wished I wasn't....more

5 Jobs Everyone Should Have to Try

Respect for our fellow man is something that I have been thinking about lately....more
Oh, Avery Lane how could I miss that one! My SIL is a nurse. I will add they also get to listen ...more

Discerning My Path

Whenever I have a new idea or plan of action, I like to seek out those close to me for advice and opinions.  I do this for several reasons.First, because it forces me to put what I plan to do into words.  As I do that it forces me to think through the situation more clearly which helps me have a better understanding about what it will look like as I walk through this plan.  Secondly, I seek others because they can sometimes assist me in working out all the details. Details I had not thought of before....more

Understanding a mother’s love

A mother’s love is unique. Each mother finds her own way to love each of her children. At the same time, I think there are some shared characteristics.A mother signs on for something bigger than herself.You see quotes about a mother wearing her heart outside of her body. I think this captures the enormity of the emotional commitment well....more

Feeling Irritated? Get Curious!

My cat woke me up in the middle of the night meowing loudly. My first instinct whenever something happens that I don't like is to get angry and resist that it's happening. Even though I was half-asleep, I managed to breathe and remember that he doesn't do this every night....more

Through Another's Eyes

Question: Do you think it's possible to ever truly see the world from another person's perspective? ...more

What Blogging Voice Need Do You Fill?

There was an awesome moment during the BlogHer'13 Anatomy of a Story panel on Saturday when Vikki said, "Everybody needs a gay... and so I always think about, when I write on my blog, that I'm the gay for people that don't have one." People started laughing and tweeting what she said because it was a great sound bite. But more importantly, Vikki spoke to the role we serve as niche bloggers. ...more
JenAnnHall  Thank you for sharing your experience!more

Dare to... Understand More, Judge Less

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. Albert Einstein Do you sometimes feel the judgmental parts of you constantly criticizing, sizing up, dismissing, and diminishing those around you. Outwardly, generally nice... helpful, polite, and funny, while internally not realizing just how much mental space and energy you're giving those internal judges... being bossy and mean. However, your judgment of others is an extension of self-judgment, so ingrained, so normal, you don’t even recognize it.  You may be insecure with yourself, so you put other people down, or fear those who are different from you, so you judge them just because they are unlike you,  or maybe you're seeking a change in your life, but, in turn, are jealous of the changes you see others are making in their lives. When you catch yourself having a defining thought about someone, step back and use the following tips to help transform those judgments you may have: ...more

Taking the Toddler Approach: Just Ask 'Why?'



The other day a friend shared an image on Facebook - you know, one of those memes that eventually makes its way into everyone's newsfeed - about a current contentious issue, which, predictably, set off a firestorm of comments among the people on her friends list. I'll admit it: I lurked. ...more