9 Fun Things To Do When You're Under-employed

 Now that the busy season at the zoo is finished and I am only substitute teaching for a school a couple of days a week, I am, euphemistically, under-employed. Instead of stressing out about the state of finances or strewing about lack of opportunities, I'm trying to find things to do with my time (aside from job-hunting), so if you are in the same boat, here are some ideas that are fun, inexpensive and productive, too....more

Talking to the White House About the Impact of the Recession on Women

On this past Thursday, the White House hosted a small conference call for online media with senior administration officials to discuss the impact of the recession on women and how the Administration's agenda is affecting women. ...more

Absolutely there are. I'm sorry I didn't make sure to get that in - I have to say, they way ...more

Is the Anticipated Increase in Holiday Jobs Something to Celebrate?

In 2007, (can we call that the good ol' days?) retailers hired 720,800 holiday workers. Last year, that number plummeted to 501,400. Doing the math, that's a loss of 219,400 jobs. This year, according to Challenger, Gray and Christmas, a national outsourcing firm, retailers could hire anywhere from 550,000 to 650,000 seasonal workers. Or, another way to look at it, retailers would still be hiring anywhere from 70,800 fewer to up to 170,800 fewer people than in 2007. ...more

Hard Lessons from the Soviet Union

The collapse of the 71 year old Soviet empire in 1989 stemmed mainly from the collapse of the Soviet economy, due to an unwinnable war in Afghanistan and a blown out military budget. The parallels with current US economic and geopolitical problems are obvious. Other similarities include the fact that the citizens of the US have lost any ability to influence their own government, as well as being stripped of basic civil liberties they are supposedly guaranteed under the Constitution....more