Thinking of a Master Plan

"There isn't much more I want in life than to become a successful writer. Over the years, I have chosen people, places and things that suited the idea of success. With friends, it was let me befriend this person because others think she's cool. With places, it was let me go here because so and so said it was great....more

Purging, Throwing, Ridding

Today, exactly two months since I was let go from my job I found myself throwing away all of the stuff associated with it as well as deleting the emails. The following post is from by blog Accuratelyme.  ...more

How to Stay Positive While Job-Hunting

Like many cities, Washington D.C. is a place where one’s job title can define his or her success. In the digital age, we all still carry business cards with our titles. Romantic meet-ups begin with “So, where do you work?” As a single woman, it’s easy to become bogged down in the stress of living up to the expectation of a successful career in lieu of a significant other and children. This stress was magnified when I found myself unemployed in a city that puts so much value on what you do and not who you are. ...more
Dead on. Sometimes, too, you have to make your own opportunities where you can. I've been an ...more

Discrimination: Long Term Unemployed

Note: The inability to find work is not limited to businesses.  Below is just one example of a staffing agency I've encountered that won't even forward my resume to prospective employers, due to my being unemployed for longer than six months.   It happens all the time.  My question is, do I have any recourse for a discrimination case?Message Body: ...more


We are forever reinventing ourselves.Even at my age, I feel a bit little like a hairy caterpillar, belly stuffed with macerated spring leaves, boldly curling up into my cocoon in a quest to emerge as something else.  I’ve had enough of this old, outdated mode, so let’s make it something quite different, okay?  Something, say, less hairy and hmm, maybe with a pair of wings?  Far-fetched, for sure, but you never know.  Give me a few weeks and let’s see what develops....more

Unemployed? Employers Are Discriminating Against You

While the epic battle over the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act rages in the U.S. Senate, our elected representatives ought to consider that the “long-term unemployed” are a product of discrimination on the part of employers.Discrimination?  Say what?You heard right.Let’s assume that just as soon as you get over the shock of being laid off, you begin looking for another job in earnest.  Does your chance of getting hired increase or decrease once you are out of work?...more

Unemployment Extensions End (Thanks, Congress)

For a lot of us, Saturday was the end.  Adíos.  Sayonara.Goodbye, federal unemployment extensions.As Congress has failed to renew the four tiers of federal unemployment extensions, the enabling legislation passed last year quietly expired on Saturday.  Not with a bang, but a whimper.Many of us will receive our very last unemployment benefit checks this week.  I am willing to bet a nickel that a good number of those affected have no clue.  Sure, they’ll get a little notice in their envelope.  As if anyone bothers to read those....more

Understanding Your Employment Ad

As an unemployed job hunter, one of the skills I have had to acquire is how to read between the lines of employment advertisements.  While the want ads hardly qualify as great literature, having been a college English major has turned out to be an asset in interpreting what can often seem like a foreign language.  The wording of many ads contains much in the way of subtext and subtlety, simile and symbolism, all of which lends itself to the same style of explication de texte as is a work of poetry....more


I’ve been thinking about the experience of the first day at a new job.I’m sure this is partly because work (and the lack of it) is never far from the thoughts of those who, like myself, have been unemployed for a while.When we’re not feeling sorry for ourselves, we’re worrying about just how we’re going to jump on this crazy old merry-go-round again without being summarily flung off on our noses while the pretty painted horses that stop for no one keep circling and the riders laugh their arses off at the schlub who can’t keep his balance for more than five seconds....more

On Being a Bum

Everyone in my family is sick.  My wife, my sister-in-law, two of my nieces, my little grandniece.  And I fear Pastor Mom may be coming down with it now....more