Understanding Your Employment Ad

As an unemployed job hunter, one of the skills I have had to acquire is how to read between the lines of employment advertisements.  While the want ads hardly qualify as great literature, having been a college English major has turned out to be an asset in interpreting what can often seem like a foreign language.  The wording of many ads contains much in the way of subtext and subtlety, simile and symbolism, all of which lends itself to the same style of explication de texte as is a work of poetry....more


I’ve been thinking about the experience of the first day at a new job.I’m sure this is partly because work (and the lack of it) is never far from the thoughts of those who, like myself, have been unemployed for a while.When we’re not feeling sorry for ourselves, we’re worrying about just how we’re going to jump on this crazy old merry-go-round again without being summarily flung off on our noses while the pretty painted horses that stop for no one keep circling and the riders laugh their arses off at the schlub who can’t keep his balance for more than five seconds....more

On Being a Bum

Everyone in my family is sick.  My wife, my sister-in-law, two of my nieces, my little grandniece.  And I fear Pastor Mom may be coming down with it now....more

6 Reasons Why Losing My Job Doesn't Suck

“There’s a great place to look for jobs, Mom,” said my 12-year-old son in his snarkiest voice.“It’s called THE NEWSPAPER.”Jerk.Okay, so he has a point (and I’m thrilled he knows what a newspaper is), but still.Having lost my job after the magazine where I’d worked as an editor for nearly nine years abruptly folded, I’ve spent the last few weeks flailing around and trying to figure out what’s next.It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been eye-opening.For one, I’m not as panicked as I probably should be....more
Great perspective! Hang in there.more

The Face of Homeless


Building a New Balance After Losing Your Job

One of the things that 'life experience' gives you is the experience of loss. We lose friends, lovers, and often, jobs. When we experience these losses, we either learn from them, or we repeat them. Job loss can be especially stressful, in part because we are trained to not acknowledge that we are mourning when we lose a job -- even a job we didn't love.  We mourn our connection to co-workers, our spending power, the sense of security a paycheck provides, the sense of status that our job title had given us....more
@kulls2 thank you. Too often we experience loss as 'the end of the world' vs. 'the end of ...more

What Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day Means When You're Among the Long-Term Unemployed

Exactly nine years ago this week, I was in Toronto's Pearson International Airport sitting next to the co-creator of Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day....more

So Much To Do, So Much Time

Since getting laid off from my full-time day job on the last day of 2012, I find I am just as busy as I was before, but things are definitely different.First and foremost, my stress level has dropped significantly. I know this goes without saying. Working forty-plus hours a week while taking care of a large family and elderly parents, volunteering and trying to launch my freelance writing career while stalking literary agents would make anyone's blood pressure rise, right?...more

Coping with the Tough Times

Over the past few months I have struggled with the decision to talk about my personal life (in detail) on this, and other, blogs. My FAVORITE thing about most of the blogs that I read is the raw honesty the bloggers give to their readers, and their openness to divulge their very soul.This has been a tough choice for me, because as a newlywed much of my personal life is directly linked to that of my husband. We lead fairly private lives, and always have. How do you cross that line?...more

Unemployed By Choice, Part Two

What do you do when the job you have taken has taken the life out of you? When the end of the road comes at a job before you have something new lined up, what's the next step? Do you stick it out or do you leave on your own terms? I had reached that crossroads. I had a decision to make. I knew that being in a job that compromised my integrity and held me back from achieving my true potential was not the place I wanted to be....more