Many big names have been in the news for less than proper reasons.  Some celebraties, some politicians, some CEO's and the one thing they have in common is that they were tried and/or convicted of felonies.  Some even spent some jail time to atone for their actions.  However, upon their return to their respective workplaces they are for the most part re-welcomed back into their given society.  Even the football player who is currently in jail for dog fights and animal cruelty is negotiating his contract to return to the field while he is in prison. ...more

Giving When You're Unemployed: It Could Make You Happier and Wealthier

Americans tend to define themselves by their work. How many times have you gone to a party and been asked, "What do you do?" When you lose your job, you can lose not only your cash flow, but also your confidence. What's one answer to the unemployment blues? Giving. ...more

I forgot to mention a post by co-Contributing Editor, Beth Kanter, more

Laid off workers beware - employers are challenging more unemployment claims than ever

With nearly 5 million Americans on unemployment, the number of employers challenging the unemployment claims of their former employees is on the rise.  ...more

The War Against the Boomers

  We're screwed. It's kind of funny. The generation that used to preach, "Never trust anyone over 30," is now getting its comeuppance. They ought to just put us on the ice floes all ready. Put us out of our misery. Denounce us for being unable to see the point to Twitter or LinkedIn. It's downright ugly out there. But hush. No one dare say anything about it. Wouldn't want to be considered negative, downbeat or a drag on the system. Hush, keep your thoughts to yourself. ...more

Investing in Our Human Infrastructure

By Riane Eisler Over half a million people lost their jobs last month. There’s no question we need a job-creation plan. The real question is what kind of plan will most quickly stimulate the economy and at the same time provide the best long-term investment for our nation. ...more

Laid-Off Lady Liberty Considers New Line of Work

I have this friend who works in the New York Harbor. Well, she used to work in the New York Harbor. But last week, like so many of us in the last year, she got a pink slip from the boss. And when the Statue of Liberty loses her job, this country MUST be having money problems. They’ll bail out the banks and the auto companies, but do you think they could find it in their patriotic hearts to throw a few bones to Penelope? After all she’s done for this country? Not to mention that she never once called in sick. You’d think that would stand for something! ...more

What depression looks like...

Have you seen this commercial? ...more

Help. Really.

My daughter's a stay at home mom who can't work because the cost of day care is astronomical.  She and my son in law sat down, crunched the numbers and found that it would actually be more expensive for her to go to work than it is to stay home and raise my two-year-old grandson.  She loves being a new mother but she's restless and bored at times and wants to help her husband pay the bills.  But it's not possible and she doesn't understand why she did "everything right" and wound up like this.  She went to college, graduated with honors, married her high school sweetheart and ...more

I guess all we can do is hope at this point.  I do feel a sense of hope now that Obama will ...more

Getting your unemployment benefits - readers help each other online

Over at Workforce Developments I blog about work, employment and job training. With the recent economic downturn, I've been blogging more about unemployment. To help readers I recently compiled a state-by-state list of links to information about the unemployment extension. ...more

Back to Work?

Hello BlogHer world!  I've been a member for over a year now, and sadly am just trying to figure things out.  I've found quite a few people through the ads that I love to read, and I think some of you may read me for the same reason.  It's been an interesting support to me as I've gone through a difficut pregnancy and adjusted to being a stay at home mom. ...more