Hi just the "Green Eyed Girl"

Lorig ZinzalianHi my name is Lorig Z . I wanted to intoduce myself I am young lady with a walker, who has green eyes and a sweet personality who is self employed , work at home selling cosmetics -Avon .When I was  a little girl I never imagined my life this way. Like what you say, well being single  first of all and being a business owner at 31 and having no full time empolyment to help  with small business expenses - just a great family unit .That is all for now my blogastphere family....more

Those “Lazy” Unemployed People

Newcastle UniversityIf I see or hear one more jab about these “lazy,” unemployed people, I’m going to scream!...more

Just keep swimming


Keep the fire in your torch burning

The Olympic torch is coming!Ugh! That’s what I have to say about yesterday. First, let me say that June has been very interesting indeed....more

Unemployment and Health Care

Snoozefest, right? Or, at the very least something we all take for granted. However, the possibility of being uninsured should be enough to get, not just into your gut but into your bones and your dreams at night (if you can sleep). At the end of this month my COBRA will expire....more
Holy crap - $5,000/month? That is INSANE.   Great post - information I'll pass along to people ...more

Am I Creating Class Warfare in My Own Community?

We are doing pretty well. ...more
Class warfare...the one percent...all the cool code words for socialism...let's make the ...more

So who are you NOW?

Currently "between positions" (nice way of saying laid off in the latest economic quagmire and looking for gainful employment), Karin started writing cooking in my heels to save sanity, share a life-long obsession with food and cooking, and put the voices bouncing around her brain on virtual paper. She (me) also likes making people laugh, occasionally think, and has to do something with all those shoes, so there you go. ...more

8 Tips That Can Help a Termination of Employment Meeting Go Smoothly

One of the most stressful meetings you will have as a manager is one in which you will have a termination of employment discussion.  Whether the termination is the result of a layoff or due to poor performance, will not change the fact that it is a stressful situation.  Unfortunately, this is not one of those things that gets easier the more you to it.  The fact is you'll never be good at it, nor should you want to be.  However what you do want is to be humane, deliver the message, treat the employee with dignity and respect, and protect yourself and the company.  That's a lot to do in a 10-15 minute meeting. Here are 8 tips that will get you prepared so the termination discussion goes as smoothly as it possibly can: ...more

The Leftovers

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Romancing Your Husband During A Financial Hardship

An unemployment or financial hardship can easily extinguish the flame of passion in your marriage.  That's why it's so important to do your best throughout the year to show your mate how much you love them.   Now, I know this isn't always easy to do, especially when there's so much stress and money is tight.But to keep the spark alive, you'll need to be open-minded, creative, and willing to put forth an effort to intentionally show your love in tangible ways.   Particularly on special occasions like Valentine's Day or an Anniversary....more