Unemployed and Looking for Work

Diannebug  Here I am. A recent college graduate trying to find a job. Any job. I'm not picky and honeslty, i'm not too proud to take something I'm "underqualified" for. As of today, I have applied for hundreds of positions, some close by and even some far away. Just hoping to hear back from someone. Each time I go for an interview, my hopes rise and I convince myself that THIS is the job for me. This is the one that is going to change it all around.But so far, it hasn't been. I've had no luck....more

Eddie the Thug Is Looking for a Job

Eddie the Thug, my unemployed and unemployable big, useless cat, would like to be considered for a position on the county road crew....more

Oh Thank the Damn Universe!!

I am now a conspiracy theorist.  The Universe, I swear to pete, is conspiring on my behalf that every teeny tiny little event and every big f***ing deal works together with all the other stuff that I don't even notice, to land me square in the lap of luxury.  Yeah, I said it--luxury.  Silk pajamas and caviar sandwiches?  Better.  See, I am almost totally unemployed right now, in a paycheck way, I mean.  And as such, i tend to feel a bit on the worthless  side. I'mdependent.  The word &nb...more


My circumstance yesterday sums up the foundation of all that causes me distress, depression and heart ache. Yesterday I had to choose between nursing my sick son and going to work. What kind of choice is this? Wouldn't any mother choose her child over her job? But I really didn't have a choice. Without a solid job that pays for sick days and being as economically depressed as we are right now, I have to work EVERY day I can find work because if I don't, rent doesn't get paid. It's sounds so doom and gloom but unfortunately that's what things are right now.  ...more

Back to the Beginning

     Today marks the beginning of the last week in September and that means that next month's rent is due. I don't mind saying this month I am depending on the arrearage check that is supposed to come in on September 30th. I have not worked enough to pay the rent without it. Though my job search has been encouraging I haven't been offered any permanent positions yet and until then I continue to substitute teach in Stamford, CT as often as I can. It is stressful, each day waking up at 5 a.m....more

As Families Age

The economy has taken it's toll on everyone. The young have less education, the teen has less after school activities to keep them occupied, and their parents have lost jobs and even homes in some cases. ...more

What Is Your Personal Experience With Unemployment in This Challenging Job Market?

BlogHer is running two polls today. One is Halloween themed (scariest movies) and this one is just as alarming, but in a way that unfortunately hits much closer to home for a lot of folks in America today. We want to know how our community is faring with job loss and the struggle to find work.  Unemployment rates have remained at a very high level nationwide for over two years now.  How has this affected you and your family?...more
I've been unemployed since 2012. I live on my own. In a condo. I had job hunted for over a ...more

UPDATED: Here's How We Can Blog To Get Americans Back To Work (AUDIO)

Hi everyone --...more
Happy to be part of this amazing initiative. ...more

Maintaining Forward Momentum. Or Not.

Mmmm! Cake!more

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