As Families Age

The economy has taken it's toll on everyone. The young have less education, the teen has less after school activities to keep them occupied, and their parents have lost jobs and even homes in some cases. ...more

What Is Your Personal Experience With Unemployment in This Challenging Job Market?

BlogHer is running two polls today. One is Halloween themed (scariest movies) and this one is just as alarming, but in a way that unfortunately hits much closer to home for a lot of folks in America today. We want to know how our community is faring with job loss and the struggle to find work.  Unemployment rates have remained at a very high level nationwide for over two years now.  How has this affected you and your family?...more
I've been unemployed since 2012. I live on my own. In a condo. I had job hunted for over a ...more

UPDATED: Here's How We Can Blog To Get Americans Back To Work (AUDIO)

Hi everyone --...more
Happy to be part of this amazing initiative. ...more

Maintaining Forward Momentum. Or Not.
Mmmm! Cake!more

For Those We Tend

Workin' 9 to 5

After 4 months of unemployment, uncertainty and self-doubt, I finally got a job. I am excited about the position and thrilled to finally be going back into the workforce.I am a little apprehensive about the idea of going back to work though.In resumes, in interviews, you put your best possible self out there. You have days or weeks to contemplate your wording at interviews, you have all the time in the world to check, check and recheck your resume....more

"Introspection can wait! Breakfast! Breakfast" says the dog of my heart from the hallway

When I finally sat up this morning and reached for the dog's collar on the floor by the door, the dog knew that this is the signal that I am actually up for the day and not just getting up again to stumble into the bathroom to spend yet another penny and then stumble back to bed again to dream of my re-animated mother needing money from me because she's starving. He jumped out of bed and sat between me and the door, radiating eagerness and vitality much too early in the morning. I, sitting with hunched shoulders, said to him "Tea." I never give up hope that he will fetch me some....more

Faith Tested: How 3 years of unemployment have made me RICH

    Some of the most indelible teachings are derived from the place in which we stand.  The platform of our lives becomes highlighted when we are tested....more

African Americans Want The American Jobs Act Passed Now

The political and economic analysts claimed that President Barack Obama had to show leadership and be bold with his jobs plan. I believe everyone got what they asked for from his American Jobs Act (AJA) plan. I must say that this aggressive plan to put Americans back to work infused some sense of hope, especially for African Americans. ...more
How I wish someone had the courage to expose the problems of black America. I think the ...more

Where I Am

I am not going to talk about the chickens. Or how they have laid more eggs in their nest. Or how I feed them brussel sprouts (YUM!). Or how they can get 14 feet up into my tree, amazing me each night....more