Turning the Screw on State Employees

  The media, Tea Partiers, and Republicans have been on a crusade against state workers, denouncing high level bureaucrats with disproportionately high salaries and pension fund double-dippers.  They argue it is only fair to bring state worker benefits more in line with what's offered in the private sector.  Meanwhile, the average State of Florida public worker has been vilified in the rhetoric, turned into a scapegoat for all of Florida's budget troubles.  The public sector IS NOT the private sector. When times are flush, private sector employees are rewarded with raises, exorbitant bonuses and solid benefit packages. They are compensated for exceeding quotas and getting their job done. I have never heard of a DCF employee receiving an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii for meeting his quota. Public employees are lucky if a co-worker organizes a potluck holiday party in the break room during lunch....more

Thank you for writing about your situation. Hopefully, people will start to listen to public ...more

What You Need to Know About Unemployment

I never thought unemployment was for me. Growing up, I had a parent who was quite often unemployed seasonally, for weather or job availability reasons. He drew unemployment during his laid off periods. I was totally aware of its existence, and of the safety net (limited as it may be) that it provides. Why, then, didn't I think to apply for it the moment I found myself without full-time work? I have no idea. ...more

I hope to never need this information, but I've filed it away because it's invaluable. Thank ...more

A matter of time

I am totally okay with not working, unemployment has benefits. I have zillions of hobbies and passions to fill my day. I get up early, I have a routine, I take care of myself and make sure that I get dressed every day. These are some of the things that people warned me about when I was recently (actually not so recently) laid off. I never would of imagine that four months into unemployment I would still be sending out my resume to potential leads. Jobs are lame but I like to get my hair done, buy new dishes, drink good coffee and bling out my bike. These are things that you can do with a job, I have a sweet little sugar daddy right now, no need to shed a tear.... it is just not the time to have time. ...more

I find that the search is the hardest part. Good for you to end the search, may the doors swing ...more

What I learned from 86 weeks of unemployment

Ok not the post I intended to make as my "Happy New Year" first of the year funny post, but the new year is about starting over and not looking back.  So I've capsulized the last 86 weeks of my unemployed life, and am sharing my lessons learned - with those of you still employed as foo...more

the Internal Struggle of a Working Mom

http://hungrigyrl.blogspot.com   To Work, Or Not to Work...That is the Question...more

This is very much like my situation. It took me a while to get over my job being such a part of ...more

Unemployment’s Generation Gap

It’s a funny thing, when I was younger I noticed older people but it didn’t seem like they left much of an impression on me.  I was too busy reveling in the flower of my youth and deluding myself into thinking I would buck the trend and stay young forever.  Of course I was wrong and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Now that the worm has turned, I find myself obsessing over people who are younger than I am.  A friend once told me that I need to get used to the fact that there will be more people younger than I am.  At the time I didn’t give it much thought, but now I...more

Please just pass the tax cut extension already!

How does one be political without getting into personal politics? Easy, let's talk something simple - that everyone should agree on. Tax cuts. Sure, not everyone "needs" them to survive but most economists think that while the tax cuts won't necessarily be an "efffective stimulus", passing them will prevent a worsening of the economy. Possibly, according to Moody's, the economy could see modest gains from the cuts being extended. One of the biggest arguments on extending some of the cuts is "deficit"....more


Note: This was originally posted on my personal blog, This Is Jasmine, on Friday, December 3.I lost my job on Tuesday.I filed for unemployment on Wednesday. It's not going to be as much as I had hoped. I'm not sure if I'll be able to live on it. At the very least, I will have to redefine what it means for me to live. Of course, I have little in the way of savings. I do not want to drain my 401(k).I want to thank everyone who's reached to me, via Twitter, Facebook, text message, phone call, and e-mail to offer their support and their advice. I am now actively monitoring my Linked In profile, for once....more

I just stumbled upon this, and Im so sorry to hear that you lost your job.
I can only imagine ...more

ME 50?!?

2010 began with the usual cautious optimism. Suffering from a case of terminal unemployment I was already feeling used up and obsolete, but the real panic set in as my birthday approached. Lets face it, birthdays are no longer the “best day of the year next to Christmas.” Once you can legally drink and sign for an apartment its all down hill from there. But this birthday was like no other I had experienced because this was THAT birthday. Yes several months ago I turned the big five oh…oh no!...more

I just don’t understand…..

I need to vent.  The US is in a crisis.  You can’t pick up a newspaper or turn on the news without hearing about the national unemployment rate.  Just last month, the unemployment rate was once again at 9.6 percent, translating to 14.8 million people without jobs. This is a mind blowing statistic, a devastating reality for so many people, and the reason why I am so confused. A few weeks ago, I had to replace someone at my office....more