In today’s economy everyone is either holding on to the job they have praying to avoid the chopping block or being forced out to join the 9.6 millions that are currently unemployed.  With so many people out of work it has created almost a silent hysteria that breaks the moral of many down little by little, day by day, minute by minute. Here are some tips that I have found seem to be relevant and work: Review your resume: We all hate the resume re-vamp but this economy it has to be done. The competition is more than fierce out here, this is SPARTA!...more

The White House Teams Up with Will it Help Job Seekers?

Starting today through November 14, 2010, job seekers can visit the Facebook page and post questions to the Obama Administration regarding America's employment climate. The intention is that questions that garner a lot of comments or rack up the "Likes" will be answered by the White House via video responses posted online. Mashable announced this news recently and the comments are already flowing. As with any high-profile partnership between the White House and say, anybody, questions abound. Most important among them, will this sort of forum truly benefit most out of work Americans ...more

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It is awesome when people learn from each other. Where I see ...more

Yes, We're a 99er Family Too

Last night, we sat around our family room wrapped in our blankets and layered up socks to watch 60 minutes.  It's a routine we have on Sunday nights.  Only, it's a little colder here because we have the heat turned way down to save on the heating bill.  In one week, we will become a 99er - 99 weeks of unemployment benefits come to an end, having exhausted our savings, retirement, and beginning to sell off things to survive.  And so it goes ... this D E P R E S S I O N we are in.  I am not going to be politically correct here, as this is NOT a recession.  Far from it.  And you know how I know?  Well, let's see ... I'm depressed.  My hubby is depressed.  Our children are depressed.  About 30+ % of our neighbors have lost their jobs and they, too, are depressed.  Businesses are failing and the economy is depressed.  Crime is on the rise and that's because there are a lot of depressed people with guns and knives out there in desperate situations.  Desperate.  Is that what we've become as a nation?  Desperate? ...more

This economy is horrible and you know what really makes me mad?? All of these people I see ...more

The Economy Has Dealt My Husband a Tough Blow. How do we Cope?

After one year of being overworked and under-employed, my husband is feeling the strain of his high demand, low paying job. It likely pays what unemployment does, but he has his pride. And the hope he'll meet someone who will recruit him. While it may be the worst possible industry for a family man, retail was the only place to go in this economy. And apparently, the scarlet letter for his job search. I wish my husband could post a personal ad for a job....more

What They Say When Something Goes Wrong

I lost my job last week. I worked there two months, and in that time I learned an absolute ton, discovered I enjoy office managing, and made less than I would have made on unemployment (due to taking some time off for BlogHer and getting sick during what turned out to be my last week of work). So often these days, I feel like everything I say and do is wrong, leads down strange paths and into unexpected pitfalls, but I keep plugging along. All this twisting, turning, and learning, learning, learning has to lead somewhere. ...more

Liz, this is great. Well, losing the job isn't great, but you see, that tenacity and ...more

Unemployment Blues...or Not

April 26, 2010. The day I became unemployed. A date I will never forget for as long as I am unemployed. It is the day that changed my entire summer. In the beginning it was great. I finally had time to catch up with my reading, get a little sun, spend time with the kids, and keep up with the cleanliness of my home (I'm a bit of a neat freak)....more

He will see you through!more

6 Signs That You've Gotten M.A.D. (Money Anxiety Disorder)

  The American Psychological Association conducted a survey in late 2008 and found that 80% of the people who responded said that the financial crisis was causing them a significant amount of stress. Anxiety over money issues has produced a new ailment that is affecting a large part of the population, particularly women. Psychology professionals have named this affliction: Money Anxiety Disorder....more

Obama on The View: From The Hard-Hitting Questions to Snookie

Barack Obama became the first sitting president to appear on a daytime talk show today when the pre-recorded interview with the ladies from The View aired. He has been on the show two previous times, but they were before he was elected. To make the interview more interesting, Barbara Walters came back for the first time since she had heart valve surgery earlier this year. She wasn’t the only one with hard-hitting questions, making the interview quite interesting. ...more

why were they so surprised when he didn't know who Snooki. The President has more important ...more

Summer Job Jeopardy 2010

Is it just my children or does this generation of teens and young adults think that work is something only old people do? Since when is working in the summer rare? ...more

When I was a teen and I asked about getting a job, my parents told me that getting good grades ...more