When Social Media is Used as a Weapon

She had been unfriended and blocked, the adult casualty in the preteens' fight since neither girl is on Facebook herself.  Since the woman's daughter couldn't give my friend's daughter the social media cold shoulder, the mother did the dirty deed for her and not only disconnected herself from my friend but blocked her for good measure to send an additional little message: I don't want you in my life AT ALL. ...more
Hello there, Melissa! I love your posts, but I am having trouble with some of the points here. ...more

Are We Losing Friendships Over Social Media?

What would never happen in the face-to-face world happens without thought online daily. Of course, the rules for social interactions can't always carry over from the face-to-face world into the Internet; we just don't have the emotional bandwidth to read and respond to dozens (or for some people, hundreds) of status updates daily. And most updates don't carry with them emotional weight. But major life news, accomplishments, losses, emotional anniversaries -- these have the potential to bring out a lot of hurt feelings when we can see that our words were heard but elicited no response. ...more
Personally, I never expect someone to react a certain way to things I post on Facebook, or stuff ...more

Does Your Reason for Friending or Unfriending Change Over Time?

Why do you friend someone on Facebook?  Is it because you want to keep up with their life on a daily basis and lack the time to do so via email or over the phone?  Do you friend someone because you want them to know moments from your daily life?  Do you accept every friend request, from neighbours to coworkers to that cool person you once sat next to on a cross-country flight, or are you picky about who you add to your network?  Would you ever add a friend of a friend you don't know at all? ...more
Since I often post info and pics of my kids, and military husband, I only friend people I have ...more

Facebook Rules: When should you unfriend someone on Facebook?

Now that we've talked about when you should friend someone on Facebook.  What are the rules that apply for Unfriending people.  As much as we're a loving group of people and an open society, we don't always need to be friends with everyone. You have the right to "Friend" and Unfriend whomever you wish....more