HAS DYSFUNCTION BECOME THE NEW NORMAL?.....When Wrong becomes Right and Right becomes Wrong....

HAS DYSFUNCTION BECOME THE NEW NORMAL……? When Wrong Turns Right and Right Turns Wrong….....more

#1 Reason Why Things Aren't Going As Planned

A confident woman recognizes the need to have a vision for her life, and she recognizes that she must work her vision in order for it to come true. [Tweet This!]There is nothing I hate more than something not going as planned. I admit I am not a “go with the flow” type of girl, and I never think I will be. The funny part is when it comes to life there are some things I have control over, and other things I don’t....more

Making the Right Decision is Not Easy But Worth It

Like anything of value in life, making the right decision is not easy but worth it.  There are so many examples I have experienced and witnessed where making the right decision seems almost painful for people, yet when they do it, everything seems to fall into place and go smoother in life once done. ...more