best and worst dressed: olympics edition

Like many, I was enthralled with the Olympics opening ceremony last night. One of my favorite parts is the Parade of Nations. Seeing all of the nations (and outfits!) is a highlight for me.I wasn't disappointed this year. There were some definite winners and some duds. Ready to hear my thoughts? :)Best DressedBrazil. Seriously. Love the color combo and the preppy look....more

U.S. Olympic Uniforms Made in China? What, Your Clothes Aren’t?

[UPDATE 7/14/12: In response to criticism, the U.S. Olympic Committee has announced that Team USA Ralph Lauren uniforms for the 2014 Winter Games will be made in America. --Grace] This year’s U.S. Olympic team will be wearing uniforms that are red, white, and blue -- and made in China....more
I believe that the Olympic uniform controversy presented us with a wonderful opportunity to ...more