Happy Labor Day!

I know that a lot of people – including moms! – still have to work, I hope everyone here in the USA is having a good Labor Day. For my peeps overseas, I hope you are having a nice regular day!However, being the progressive liberal that I am, I cannot help but offer up a reminder that, like Memorial Day, this holiday marks something for which people died....more

What Women Need On the Table at the White House Working Families Summit

From 7:30AM to 5:30PM EST on Monday, June 23, people from all over the country will convene in Washington, D.C.—and many more will log in to participate virtually—at a White House Summit on Working Families. Under the banner of “creating a 21st century workplace that works for all Americans,” we’ll hear from businesses, economists, advocates, workers and, yes, labor leaders to discuss policy solutions that can make a difference in the lives of working families....more

Wisconsin Supreme Court Vote Proves the Union Battle Is Not Over

Things in Wisconsin remain heated as a race for a Supreme Court seat is too close to call as of yet. While Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg is declaring victory this morning over incumbent David Prosser, a recount is almost guaranteed a this point. All of this is on the heels of the recent union busting bill that passed the House and Senate and was signed into law by Governor Walker last month. ...more

Thanks for all these links re Wisconsin.

A recent experience brought home to me how much ...more

Education Reform Moves Ahead in Tennessee

While Wisconsin remains the face of the war over teacher's unions, a number of other states are moving to reign in out-of-control unions or reform education policies. Tennessee is among them. Not only is collective bargaining in question, but Governor Bill Haslam has a proposal to make it tougher for teacher's to get tenure....more

Michael Moore on Wisconsin's Union-Busting: Is This War?

"Unrest in the Midwest" is probably an understatement. Wisconsin passed its union-busting bill through the Senate without having a quorum, and the citizens are -- understandably -- a bit upset. While they were busy protesting last night in Madison, Michael Moore appeared on Rachel Maddow's show to talk about what all of this means. And he didn't mince words: "This is war." ...more

(Well, that's the CLEAN response I would give to this uprising but!) I live a stone's throw ...more

Worker's Rights: 100 Years After the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

On March 25, 1911 a fire broke out on the eighth and ninth floors of the Asch Building in New York City, home to the Triangle Shirtwaist Company. Workers, primarily young Italian and Jewish women who recently arrived in America, tried to flee the smoke and flames. Instead they were blocked by locked doors or emergency exits that opened into the room (and the crowd) rather than out of it. ...more

Triangle is one of the more horrific stories in this country's history. One reporter said the ...more

What's your class?

One of my favorite movies is Sophia Coppolla's Marie Antoinette. It's so beautifully made, with all the decadent clothing and desserts, I watch it several times every October because it always reminds me of my birthday. It also provides a simple reminder of what happens when the rich have it all (and why teenagers shouldn't have power), and the poor have nothing. What is welfare other than scraps thrown to keep the poor subdued? I don't like putting it in those terms, but it's the hard truth. Many people think others are poor because they didn't work hard, but really?...more

The Wisconsin Budget Battle and our decision to move to another state

The current budget crisis and union protests in Wisconsin have put me in a reflective mood lately. And I'd also be lying if I said that the current situation down in Madison did not have some factor in our decision to move to another state. My husband and I made the decision to pack up and move from Wisconsin to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for several reasons. One of them being the job market. Budget crisis aside, the job market in Wisconsin is not very good, no matter how people try to spin things. The good paying manufacturing jobs have gone to either non-union, right to work states or overseas. Jobs that are comparable in pay to the old jobs require a degree. In other words, the person who got into the mill right out of high school and has worked at the same job for many, many years has to settle for something that pays a lot less than what they were earning. ...more

I've experienced that idiocy here in California. I had the skills and the job experience but was ...more

Too Much to Ask?

Returning from a rally on our state capital on President’s Day, I wrote on my Facebook page: Americans join the worldwide struggle to push back again rich, corrupt government officials in the pockets of multinational corporations. We demand the right to free speech, the right to assemble and the right to fair compensation for our work. We stand for the right of every American to achieve the American Dream. We stand for our heritage and America's destiny. We are not afraid any more....more

Thank you for sharing your story. Statements like your cousins always puzzle me. Can they ...more

We really can make a difference. But only if we stick together.

I hear and read here and there, that people think that teacher’s have it easy. They spout about the three months off during the summer, and other various things that they think make out job easy. ...more

As a unionized graduate student research assistant (I'm working on my PhD in Information ...more