Unions: Now Ok to Attack Women

Remember when I posted about the lack of civility in Wisconsin from the union protesters? Now a male union protester struck a girl. In DC. And she's a friend of mine. While this would normally bother me because of the double-standard of civility on the left, this time it's personal. I get angry when you mess with my friends. What happened?...more

Wow - way to spin a story so it loses context and its grip on the facts

for the record, ...more

Unions Under Attack Across the US

Unions across the United States have been under attack this week as states like Ohio and Wisconsin are working to pass bills that would end collective bargaining -- among other things. The tension has been high in the state capitols of Columbus and Madison, with thousands of supporters and opponents verbally clashing and raising the volume to that of a chainsaw... or twelve. ...more
I heard this morning that the post offices are having problems. Then, they said their contract ...more

Health Care Reform Crib Sheet For Busy People Part 2

I  got a letter from my insurance company telling me that they will decide if a medication is valid, not my doctor. The insurance company will decide on the dosage, the length of time I can and can't have the medication and whether I take a prerequisite medication before I can be receive that my doctor wants me to have. This gives me an excellent opportunity to review of my last post. ...more

To Put It Bluntly: People Didn't Bring Guns to Town Halls Until Thugs Started Beating People Up

I agree, the Second Amendment has nothing to do with health care reform, so why are we even discussing it? ...more

Talk about projection...buncha little men with little their little penises and big bad guns.more

Toronto's Trash Strike Is Over!

So a couple of weeks ago I posted about a local strike in Toronto, of which much of the focus was the growing piles of trash. Guess what? The strike's over. The garbage will disappear. The pools and summer camps and day cares will reopen. Life will go back to normal. Maybe? ...more

I got up this morning to news that city council might not ratify the deal. Wow!


Toronto's Trash Strike

I haven't been following the Toronto CUPE strike, aka the garbage strike, very closely. Whenever it comes up I usually think that I'm very happy I don't live there at the moment go on to other shinier objects. The strike is now in its fourth week though. Four weeks of garbage piling up in city parks. Four weeks of kids without daycare. Four weeks of the union and the city having "they said/they said" conversations in the media. Four weeks and best I can tell it's not any closer to being over. ...more

"But the laid off auto and steel workers were also unionized were they not? Private ...more

Wal-Mart Meeting Contained Unauthorized Words

We've all heard by now that Wal-Mart held meetings with its store managers and supervisors across the country informing them that if a Democrat was elected President, the proposed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) would most likely become law. ...more

Interview Questions - Ask HR Wench

A reader needs some feedback: I have two questions for you that I was asked in an HR interview. I just want to know what you would have said. 1. The application deadline for a job opening that was listed externally is May 15, on May 16, an individual comes to the HR office to apply for the position--what would you do? ...more

Will Models Unionize?

The Independent is reporting that a group of successful models in the U.K. is trying to join the Equity union, which represents actors and performers. "Models have no voice; no one is listening to them and no one is asking them what they want," said Martin Brown, an Equity spokesman who has been involved in the negotiations with the models since the spring. Spot on! ...more

Model/Actress Ponderings

Are you familiar with the snark-inspiring "model/actress" label? ...more