For Kaitlyn: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Since October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month I want to honor of all the beautifully unique, valuable individuals who happen to also have Down Syndrome. This month makes me think in particular about precious Kaitlyn.  I wish you could have met her.                     ...more

A Different Kind of Different

Wow, another week.It is so amazing how time is really moving, already over half of the year is over.This week we are discussing our mindset around being different.  We are learning to embrace our uniqueness.Take a peek here for this week’s assignment....more

Uniqueness and Connection in a Digital World

There's 7 billion people in the world.So even if you're one in a million, there's 7,000 others out there just like you. And the Internet connects a vast majority of us, so many of those other 7,000 are as available to your audience as you are....more

Don't Feed Your Clients Rabbit Food

The gym at my condo building has these little TVs hooked up to each of their machines, so each person can entertain themselves however they wish while working out (or, just stare at a black shiny square!). Nice huh? Except I can’t get the channel buttons to work, so I end up watching whatever channel the person before me had on....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” You May Be Met With Opposition 3-7-12

The influences today may affect the forward momentum of your personal progress.This translates to your work and being a workaholic, or over-focused on the job; thus in so doing, you’re quite possibly diminishing other relationships.You may be dividing your time with two jobs, or two relationships, and burning the candle at both ends.There are possibilities of a job ending, and relationship breakups.Opposing Energies: distracted, bored, vulnerability, endings...more