Let's Not Forget We Are One

 Considering all that has transpired in Orlando, UK, Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, Dallas, Turkey, Nice, France, and more, we needed to send out a reminder that the only way to change anything is to unite! We are more powerful than we know and realize! ​We Are One!We Are UNSTOPPABLE when UNITED as ONE!  We Are Fearless and United...more

Can I Be a Feminist If I Don't Agree With You?

I spent the weekend with some beautiful women. They were intelligent (like getting-into-the-best-business-school-in-the-country smart), driven (like being one of only a small group of women in their industry) and engaged (like being a member of the Peace Corps and a senior-level executive in the federal government.) Despite being heavy hitters in their fields, they embraced my lowly but admired profession of a blogger covering the wine-drinking and play date scene....more
I'll not tiptoe around this: I completely disagree with you about Hobby Lobby. I do believe, as ...more