In UN Speech, President Obama takes on ISIL and, Briefly, Ferguson commissioned this piece from me, an analysis of President Obama’s speech before the United Nations General Assembly. Here is the result....more

Ms.Watson alludes to all the female greats with her grace & intellect in this speech - why men benefit from feminism

A MUST watch: Nicole Hospital-Medinaaka Pink  ...more

Survivors find sanctuary and second chance through Ethiopian safe houses

In the town of Adama, women and children violence survivors find shelter and a way to make a living, using skills learned at a safe house supported by UN Women. ...more

Men in the kitchen: cooking up change in Mozambique

An innovative programme is increasing men’s participation in domestic activities to promote gender equality and address violence against women and girls. At least 1600 men have taken part in the course, which is supported by UN Women, and complemented by a series of awareness-raising activities. ...more

With some electoral gains in Iraq, women candidates work towards change

Amid violence-fraught local and regional elections, in which 14 candidates were killed, 300 women contenders were trained by UN Women and the Iraq Foundation. Many emerged successful and thanks to a quota law, women will probably hold 26 per cent of seats on local councils across Iraq. ...more

The Girl Who Silenced the World for Five Minutes

Her name is Severn Cullis-Suzuki and she is the daughter of world-renown environmentalist activist David Suzuki....more
 @thetreehugger Wouldn't that be the most perfect outcome? God bless her...and us...that we can ...more

President Obama's Opposing UN Speeches: 2010 vs 2011

 I listened to President Obama’s address to the UN September 21, 2011. Overall he thinks the world is doing rather well, democracy is breaking out. He did not address the potential financial tsunami headed for Greece and by proxy the rest of us....more

Using Social Media for Social Action

I'm writing this post from a hotel room in Maseru, Lesotho. Lesotho, in case you didn't know, is deep in the southern-most part of Africa, land-locked by South Africa. It is, you might think, an unlikely place for a blogger to be. After all, what do bloggers have to do with aid in Africa? But you'd be wrong. A blogger can have a lot to do with aid in Africa, or any other kind of social good. I'm here for some very good social media reasons. ...more

Catherine-- this is a beautiful blog post! I am clicking through all of your links, and each ...more

We walked to feed 10,000 school kids

Yesterday - on Sunday June 6 - the world came together in a global demonstration against hunger. In 153 cities in 70 countries all around the world more than 150,000 people joined Walk the World 2010 - the annual fundraising event of the UN World Food Programme. The preliminary result of the fundraising event shows that WFP can feed 10,000 school children for a year - simply because these 150,000 people put on their shoes and went for a walk. ...more