Graveyard + Magic = Everything you've ever wanted | 00:55 | English

A young woman (Laura Ethridge) makes a deal with the devil to make all her dreams come true. It's a full moon and she performs her ritual in a graveyard. When the woman goes to bed later, she blinks and her eyes turn black. The woman smiles. A version of "Now I lay me down to sleep" (from Audio Blocks) plays in the background of the video. ...more

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Eerie America: Travel Guide of the Macabre | Television Series | GoFundMe

Eerie America Trailer by Corvis Nocturnum ...more

Sit Down Danny | 10:53 | English

Sit Down Danny - A One Man Short from David F. Sandberg on Vimeo. ...more

Dark Web | Feature Film | KickStarter


See You Soon | 00:14 | No Dialouge

See You Soon - 14 second horror film from David F. Sandberg on Vimeo. Submission for the Raindance Halloween 14 Second Horror Film Competition...more