National Climate Assessment: Why I'm Cautiously Elated

The National Climate Assessment, the culmination of a four-year effort to catalog the effects of climate change on the United States, is a breath of fresh air in the national discussion of climate change. ...more
I would have hoped there would be more comments on something that will affect us so deeply. I ...more

"The Greatest Country in the World"

Dear U.S. Citizens, I don't claim to speak for everyone, of course, but from the perspective of this particular Canadian, I thought you might be interested to know that at least a few of us north of your border are alternately confused, offended, amused, and turned off when we hear you and your politicians refer to the U.S. as "The Greatest Country in the World." ...more Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts - I really appreciate your ...more

U.S. Customs To Recognize Same-Sex Families At Borders

Breaking News: With very little heads-up, there has been a change in policy regarding the processing of same-sex families through United States customs, though I could find no official press release anywhere. Image: CBP Photography via Flickr ...more
Well, Hello!!   No, actually, this it a great step. This brings same-sex marriage more in the ...more

Things I will miss about the U.S.

Of course I'll miss my friends and family. I adore Chris, Hope, Mandy (and her enormous gorgeous family), Gary, Dean, and my coworkers. But really, really? We rarely visit in person. It's texts and Facebook. I'm busy, you're busy, we still love each other. I just IMed my former editor, Todd, and it was a huge thrill. That guy is hilarious  and completely Uber, Uber Todd. He said he'd miss us....more

What's Broken About Health Care & How To Fix It

The U.S. healthcare system is broken. Lissa Rankin is a doctor, and yet, because she was diagnosed with high blood pressure in her twenties, and because her husband accidentally cut two fingers off his left hand with a table saw, they're now completely uninsurable under a traditional family health insurance program. This piece summarizes everything Lissa thinks is wrong with the healthcare system in the U.S. -- as well as what can be done do to fix it. ...more
I am really with you on backing up the physicians. They are going to school to learn to help ...more

Blood Ties Does Not a Parent Make

I was about six years old when my mother fled from my very abusive and cruel father. She left Managua, Nicaragua, and ran as fast and as far as she could, running all the way back home to San Salvador, El Salvador. And about one year later, she met her destiny. She’d traveled to the United States with her younger brother, and soon thereafter met and married a wonderful American man who would later adopt me and my brother. He became the father that would raise us with genuine fatherly love....more

"Happy Birthday Sam Botta"

"Happy Birthday Sam Botta and Congratulations on your new show Live Fearless with Sam Botta by Movie Tech Studios"...more

Congratulations on your new show Sam! Looking forward to it.more

Constituency Services Part 2: My Experience Re: Contacting My Legislators

Faith in My Country I'm neither a gullible nor particularly trusting individual when it comes to strangers, sales pitches or concepts outside of my...more