Embroidered USA

Embroidered USA ...more
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Inaugural Washington, D.C.

Sometime last fall, I was talking with Darcie, a BlogHer moderator who lives way north in Canada. She mentioned she likes it when I blog about my travels to Pennsylvania. I asked her if she would be interested in photos from trips into Washington, D.C. and she said, "Yes!" So, Darcie, this little travelogue is for you! First, in a series of two....more
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Bin Laden's Dead. Now What?

I will start by saying that I was ashamed to see several of my fellow Americans posting racial slurs regarding the death of Mr. bin Laden.  Things along the lines of, "Are they sure they have the right guy?  They all look the same over there!"  Seriously?!  Where is your tact, your respect, your education?  The man was not the poster child for Arabs.  He just happened to be one of them.  That gives you no right to say what you have said.  Completely uncalled for....more

President Obama Signs Health Care Reform Bill...

This morning I watched the live streaming of the President of the United States sign the health care reform bill into law!...more

Public Healthcare in Spain

Walking out of the doctor's office with out paying a co-pay, signing insurance forms was a shock. Waltzing into the pediatrician's office with a five minute wait without an appointment blew me away. Living in Spain, as a United States expat, has opened my eyes to the benefits of a public healthcare system. I have always been a proponent of universal access to healthcare. However, I think that even then images of sub-par care (pushed by media) tainted my view of how great public healthcare was or could be for patients. :: The Spanish System :: ...more

But then again, I think Kaiser is a great model for how health care can and shoujld be run. ...more