Why I'm Leaving the GOP

Last presidential election was about making history. I cried that night because finally America cast aside prejudice and racism and voted for a man, not based on his skin color, but on who he was as a man. I was so proud, so grateful that in my lifetime I saw the struggles of my parents' generation for civil rights and equality come to fruition. ...more

Join the March! "Equal Enough" Isn't Equal at All

In the U.S., many people think women are "equal enough." I'm told we should "consider ourselves lucky." But I am not going to compare oppression. Nor am I in any way dismissing the dehumanizing and life-crushing hatred that women face in too many places on the planet. But that others are violently deprived of rights and life does not mean that we should be content with circumscribed rights and lives. Equal enough isn't equal at all. Join this march. ...more
To all the women marching to protect my and my daughters rights, THANK YOU!! You give me hope ...more