A Brotherhood of Man

Why is there so much hate in the worldWhen all we want is peace?So many innocent lives takenWe need to make it ceaseThere are never any  winnersWhen so much blood is shed...more

Fair skin Vs Dark skin.

We live in a world where the color of an individual's skin comes first than any of his good qualities. Ever thought how judgemental we all are? How we all get attracted by the people with fair skin only and never consider the dark ones?...more

No Compassion For Anyone But Themselves

Has compassion left the building? Does everyone with skin any shade darker than white pose a threat to us? Conservatives want President Obama to bomb ISIL, but have no answer when familes, desperate for safe haven, arrive at our border seeking asylum. I saw on the news last night a map of the country highlighting in red the states where governors have stood their ground, refusing to accept Syrian refugees. Wow. How tough are they....more

We Are ONE

 There are more and more stories emerging of people who experience a taste of heaven and come back to earth with a new sense of the mercy and unconditional love of God as well as a desire to serve others on earth with that same mercy and love...more

Unity, Inspiration and Gymnastics

This is my first exclusively "Blog-her" post.  As I was watching the Olympic Opening Cermemony Last night I had the urge to write about it.  But my personal blog is more focused on mental health and while I do veer from time to time to write about my general musings as a follower of Jesus, I want to keep it (somewhat) focused on Christianity as it pertains to mental health.  So, I'll give this a shot.  Thanks for reading.  :-)...more

Grab a Box, Folks, We're On the Move.

This weekend at church, a visiting bishop from Kigezi, Uganda, Bishop George Katwesigye, spoke to us about being prepared to move.  “When God moves,” he said, “you too must be prepared to move.“...more
Yes, I agree.  "The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast ...more

Bin Laden's Dead. Now What?

I will start by saying that I was ashamed to see several of my fellow Americans posting racial slurs regarding the death of Mr. bin Laden.  Things along the lines of, "Are they sure they have the right guy?  They all look the same over there!"  Seriously?!  Where is your tact, your respect, your education?  The man was not the poster child for Arabs.  He just happened to be one of them.  That gives you no right to say what you have said.  Completely uncalled for....more