Have you ever been working online and have a problem loading or page? Have you ever been on a call within others on Skype or Zoom and been told your internet connection is unstable? Most of us have experienced some sort of “connection” related problem when it comes to us being able to work (or play) efficiently on our computer....more

Magic Happened Today

Today, I had the privilege to witness a newborn horse 5 minutes after birth attempting to take her first steps. It, hands down, was one of the most amazingly beautiful things I have ever seen.  She was so adorable, a miniature version of her mom, and just minutes after being introduced to this world, she was getting on her feet.  Her mom would come over and lick her baby, her foal, in encouragement.  The foal's legs were so long, skinny, and shaky, yet she kept pursuing standing.  I fell in love today.  I fell in love with the miracle of lif...more

What Can Happen If You Just Say Yes?

Let’s play a game.  The game is called "Have you ever?". All you need to do is answer “yes” or “no” to the questions.  Easy-peasy, right?  Okay!  So, let’s begin … ...more
Love this piece - there are definitely times in life where if more of us said 'yes' we'd be a ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” You Have Stepped Into A Parallel Universe! 4-18-12

Today’s efforts are about polishing up your skills, putting effort toward your dreams, and allowing inspiration to create your success.Opposing Energies: immaturity, irresponsible, non-committal, self doubt, impatience, worryKeep an open mind by creating fresh appeal and direct yourself to your goals.Your focus is all about being close to your vision.Wide Awake Words™ for today: flow, resilience, tenacity, focus...more

Being Brilliant

Happy New Year! I had a great, relaxing New Year's Eve celebration with some friends last night/ early this morning, and felt nothing but joy upon entering into 2012....more

How To Conjure What You Wish to Create: Part 2

Yesterday, I posted a fairy tale about the Law of Attraction and making your dreams come true.  It’s an imperfect fairy tale, and one whose ending is uncertain, but I wanted to point out what I think is a flaw in Law of Attraction philosophies like The Secret....more

Finding Abundance by Facing Your Inner Critic

by Dana TheusI discovered recently that to release my inner critic – silencing his nattering in my ears – I had to meet him first. I’m working on some big stuff; working to make big things happen for myself, my family, my clients and for Owning Pink. This is BIG STUFF and I realized that to make BIG STUFF happen I was going to need some BIG ALLIES and so I reached out to God, the Universe and Everything and made The Big Ask. I mean, why not? Isn’t that what all the gurus say to do?...more

What’s Calling You? Tips For Listening to Signs from the Universe That Guide Your Path

by Lissa Rankin, MD At dinner the other night with a group of girlfriends, life coach Joy asked each of us, “What’s calling you?” Way to get a group of giddy, slightly tipsy girls to shut up and take notice, Joy!  The question stunned us into silence, but we were amazed at what came up.  ...more

Looking For Signs That Are Sealed And Delivered

elizabeth: I was dreaming about overindulging in Halloween candy when the phone rang. I don’t like getting calls after 10 PM because of that old wives’ tale that bad news only comes at night.  Yeah, right. A soft gentlemen’s voice on the other end informed me that he had a dream about my phone number and had to call. Not a great pick-up line, but I really wasn’t thinking he was going there. He said it again and I told him that he woke me up. It was late. Yes, he said it is 5 AM in Tibet. 5 AM in the Tibet?...more