Useful advice for first-year students.

 Many people think that University is the best time you’ll ever have and most of them are right....more

It's Not Just About Making Tea!

Landing a dream internship often leads to compromising on the type of work you are willing to do. You have rights to learn as an intern, not just be treated like an unpaid tea-person. Finding the right placement can be instrumental in achieving your career dreams but that doesn't mean it's ok to settle for the grunt work! ...more

College Advice I Wish I HADN'T Received

"It’s okay to hate college." I wish someone had given be that bit of college advice when I was first starting my freshman year. But no one did. All I remember hearing about was how college was going to be the “best years of my life” or how I was going to “make friends that lasted me a lifetime”. What really happened?...more

Is College Really Necessary?

Today I am going to discuss a controversial topic and that is, Is college necessary?In light of the skyrocketing costs of college, the lack of jobs being provided to students after graduation, and other issues, many people feel that a college education is no longer necessary. People believe that you can have a great career without receiving a college education. Still, many believe that a college education is valuable in today’s society....more

How to Choose a Major in College

Picking a college major can be one of the most stressful things about college. There is a lot of pressure to pick the right major. You want to make sure that all of your money and time is going towards something useful. You might spend time worrying if your major is worthwhile and if you are going to get a good job out of college or if you are just wasting your time....more

How to Find College Textbooks on a Budget

Text books can be an incredibly expensive purchase in college. I mean, ridiculously expensive. I remember in one of my Religious Studies classes, my professor told us one of her books was required reading. I went online to find it, and saw the cheapest copy was $100! Whhaaatttt! I don’t have enough money to afford breakfast, how am I supposed to buy a $100 textbook?!...more

Should students leave school early?

That's what Sir Richard Branson has suggested at the Disruptors event in central London. The conference features debates on the future of education with panellists including Professor Brian Cox and Wendy Kopp, founder of Teach for All.You may think that's crazy and will limit the young person's prospects, but Sir Richard Branson speaks from experience. He dropped out of school and published the youth culture magazine Student at 17....more

University Cancels Sex Toy Event

Hey California, you’re supposed to be the cool state. But with this recent news out of Cal State LA makes us a little skeptical of your awesomeness. ...more

First Week of Classes Reflection

 I just started my second semster of sophomore year of college, so I'm sharing my classes and what I thought of my first week!Check it out here....more

Why I Didn't Join a Sorority

 Today on my blog, I'm sharing my reasons for not ending up in a sorority. I seem like the exact type of person to end up in a sorority, but there's a lot of reasons why I didn't join one. ...more