Higher Education Protests Were Inspiring, Disappointing

On Thursday morning, I knew it was going to be a long day when the first fire alarm went off in the classroom building where I work. As the fire engine pulled up to the building, my eye followed its length and landed on a single word chalked on the back of the building: STRKE. Yes, without the i, because apparently there is no "I" in "strike." ...more

It's very difficult for people outside of academia to understand what we do as it is, and ...more

Blond Bites Dog: The Truth About Dr. Aaron Sell's Research, Warlike Women and Newsroom Vetting

University of California, Santa Barbara, lead researcher Dr. Aaron Sell provoked ire in women of all hair colors after the New Zealand Herald, the BBC and The Sunday Times misquoted him as saying blonds are more warlike than their nonblond peers. ...more

This is fascinating. I assumed 'warlike' meant a courageous, take-no-prisoners version of ...more

University of California tuition to increase 32 percent

Today, a panel of the University of California Regents—the ten-university system's governing body—approved a proposal to increase undergraduate "fees" (UC's word for tuition) by 32 percent over the coming year. Should the full board of Regents consent to the increase tomorrow, students will see a fee increase of more than $2,500 by fall 2010....more

I don't know--there's got to be something.  Me, my four kids, my daughter-in-law--all ...more

Faculty self-interest trumps collegiality at the University of California

In a letter that has made jaws drop throughout the University of California system and in colleges and universities around the country, a group of 23 University of California, San Diego department chairs have called on the UC to--among other things--sacrifice campuses, specifically UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz, and UC Riverside, that value teaching as well as research. ...more

In Connecticut, we are having a similar budget debate. Legislators are talking about ...more

Pilot Praised for ‘Miracle on Hudson’ Landing also Dedicated Small Business Owner

The US Airways pilot who brought a jet with engine problems down safely into New York’s Hudson River earned a reputation for safety before he saved all 155 people aboard the damaged plane.   ...more