UT: The Day Campus Stood Still

I’ve debated all day whether or not to post about this. For some reason, I feel like it’s not my story to tell.  Like I’m the second cousin-in-law of some perished celebrity, selling their first tooth to TMZ.  Then again, it feels a little bigger than me. Bigger than one story on a duckling blog.  And I want to capture and honor and shout out to the people who managed to turn a tragedy into a sense of hope, if only for me.  ...more

And I agree with ADKing - this was your story to tell. No one else knows what you were feeling ...more

5 Best iPhone Apps For College Students at the University of Texas

If you're a busy college student with an iPhone or iPod touch, you already know the benefit of having handy applications. But did you know there are apps designed specifically for you? Here are 5 iPhone apps that will make your life easier, and more fun as you attend the University of Texas. #1 Go Longhorns University of Texas fans will get the latest information, news, and scores on football, men's and women's basketball, and baseball with this app. ...more