The ABCs of the 5th Semester of College

Strangely, this semester of college has been drastically different than the the previous four. I call this the "junior wall" or "over the hill" syndrome....more

9 Back-To-School College Dorm Organizing Essentials

I scoured Amazon and found the 9 college dorm organizing essentials I would most recommend--and most of them are on sale! In fact at current prices you could buy all 9 items for just under $100.00! I did the bargain shopping for you.  :) There is a photo at the bottom of the post with all of them pictured, perfect for pinning or tweeting, if you want to share this with your friends (and family--graduation gifts anyone?)! 1. Command Hooks ...more

9 Ways to Help Your College Senior Land His First Job

As the parent of a college senior, you may be feeling anxious about graduation day and wondering how to help your child prepare to find work in the recovering job market. The current unemployment rate for college graduates ages 21 to 24 is 8.8 percent (up from 5.7 percent in 2007). Graduating in a bad economy has long-lasting consequences; the class of 2013 will likely earn less during the next 10 to 15 years than if they had graduated in a year when job opportunities were plentiful....more

The Perfect Safe Sex Care Package for College Students

In 2012, 30.4 percent of Americans over 25 had at least a bachelor's degree and 10.9 percent had a graduate degree. That's a big chunk of the country, but you wouldn't know so many of us have been to university given the sort of suggestions floating around the internet about what to put into a care package for our recent high school grads who are heading off to get their degrees. My version of a good care package is one that equips a young adult to make the right decision as often as possible....more
Wow! I had no idea all that stuff was out there. Where have I been? Oh, yeah, married for the ...more

Does the University You Attend Impact Your Career?

As humans we are comfortable with the familiar. We like big brands and name drop with pride (consciously and subconsciously)....more

Second Life - Part Two

Second Life – Part Two...more

Second Life - Part One

Let’s talk a little about the virtual world that is Second Life: ...more

School Project

When I told her that I was doing a social networking project for Professor Dingleberry’s class, aka My Grad School Advisor, my boss’ eyes lit up.  She sat up straighter and suddenly became more interested in everything I had to say about it. He had sent me an email only a few days earlier, asking if I would prepare a presentation about Second Life; wondering if I’d be open to doing some “research.”  Of course I was flattered....more

I Graduated, and It Feels Great

It was instilled in me for years that I was supposed to get my college degree, but my path to this goal was far from typical. This post is part of BlogHer's Goal, Accomplished! editorial series, made possible by Always Infinity. ...more
I am so happy for you and we can be our own worst enemy. Only you could decide and achieve what ...more

Swept Under the Rug: Sexism in Computer Science

I think I lulled myself into a sense of security about being a woman in computer science –- I can handle the awkward guys, and the ones who think they know more than I do, simply because they’re guys, and I honestly thought that that was all there was to it. You get used to the comments and brush them off and prove them wrong and call it a day. I’ve even been trying to propagate that attitude in the women in my local WICS chapter, convinced that half of the problem is that women make too big of a deal about being a minority....more
Hey, Hang in there. I am a women in a physics department at a university. I completely ...more