My Sons are White, So They're Safe

This is my son. He's white so he’ll never pose a threat to anyone in his life because well, he’s white.While I hope it's true that he'll never pose a threat to anyone, I hope it's true because he's a good boy - not simply because he's white. But apparently that's not how people like George Zimmerman think.Instead, it seems some people have the perception that if you're white, you're okay, if you're black, you're a threat to all mankind....more

20 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Children

After seeing and holding the newest member of our family I've realized that there is nothing as pure, beautiful and amazing as the sight of a new born baby, but the smell, the smell of a newborn so lovely, so clean, it actually reminded me of the air in Oregon, strange I know, but it did....more

Everyone gets a nickname, right?

2012 is all about organization; my husband is whipping around my house faster than MacGyver disassembling a bomb. It’s quite frustrating as I feel like a slacker. But as the big clean of 2012 is happening, it was my job to manage my photos. I have a lot of photos.  A lot. No less than ten shoe boxes and at least seven albums of memories from high school through college, and beyond....more