5 Tools That Will Force You to Write That Blog Post

This is how many of my blogging sessions go. I sit down with the intention to write a post responding to an article I read in the Atlantic. But first, I should probably check the bulletin boards I frequent to see if there are any new postings since 10 minutes ago. ...more
I want to thank you so much for sharing these tips.  I am pretty new to the blogging world.  I ...more

A Break???

Yesterday I took a break from being online.  I just decided I needed some unconnected time.  Boy, am I paying for it today!!I woke up this morning to over 200 emails, over 100 Facebook notifications, Facebook messages, and who only knows what I haven't gotten to yet!!I spent yesterday reading and relaxing.  I enjoyed it.  And I won't let the absolute mess I have on my hands today detract from the pleasure of yesterday.  That being said...I will be plugging away all day today to catch up!...more

Family Unplugged: The Results Show

It is now 10 p.m. on Sunday evening. I have officially been "disconnected" for 24 hours, and I am ready to once again join the virtual world. In case you missed my previous post, I was inspired by the Australian mom who made her family disconnect from all electronic devices for six months. So I made my family unplug for one day. We were not allowed to watch TV, play video games or use the computer all day....more