On Social Media

I love social media. I love creating content. I love the unwritten rules that you only pick up on when you’ve been around a while....more

Unplugging on your vacation

A woman in my office took off one Friday, and at about 9:30 am, I received an email from her. She wasn't showing as online, but she was definitely answering emails. I wrote her back, told her she was busted and reminded her that she was supposed to be off. ...more

To Unplug? Or not to unplug?

I got caught in a freak downpour yesterday and my phone – which was safely hidden in my purse – got wet and died.  She had a nice rice spa before I officially gave up on her and returned her to Best Buy to cash in on my Geek Squad protection.Overall, I did not have a phone from 5pm last night until 12pm this afternoon.  I’m practically Laura Ingles Wilder.  I have learned one lesson from all of this: I DO NOT WANT TO UNPLUG!!! ...more

Every Waking Moment Doesn't Need To Be Blogged

Anybody that knows my daughter and me know that we love being on the move. From the time she was a tiny baby up to now, she's been my roadie for the last few years. Once I started blogging and writing about our adventures, forget about it. We were up and down the road creating blog-worthy experiences and Pinnable moments. I feel incredibly blessed for the opportunities that we've been able to have because of my work, and they have really enhanced our lives. ...more
So true...we aren't paying attention when we aren't in the moment. Thank you for sharing.more

Six Steps to a Digital Detox

"When you love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love if you are not there?"-Thich Nhat HanhA few weeks ago, as I was setting my intentions for the New Year, it hit me: My iPhone is distracting me ... from the now....more

Tech Time-Out

Time is flying and The Kraken is getting bigger every day.Since she's my last, I don't want to miss anything.But I'm stuck in this second nature of taking my phone with me everywhere I go.  Whenever I sit, I grab my phone to check up on what's happening in the outside world.And a majority of the time, when I'm sitting, it's with the baby.If I'm truly going to look back on this time with no regrets, I need to stop trading my enjoyment of cuddle time with the baby for a social media fix.So I'm putting myself in time out....more

Why I haven't been posting to NaBloPoMo

NaBloPoMo is going horribly! I've posted less than usual this month instead of more. I was good to go before November began too. And up till the end of last week things were going okay but then I read about the Sabbath Manifesto wherein joiners agrees to disconnect, in ways that you get to define, from technology for one day a week. ...more

Why I Unplugged For A Day

After my weekend unplugged, I feel like I know something the Joneses don't. I know how great it is to be in the moment with my family for a full day. Maybe now I'm actually one trot ahead. While the Joneses are "just checking in" at Starbucks on their way to buy matching Polos with their always-polite offspring, I've choosen to go back in time. I'm going Amish style, and hope they'll never catch me in my sweet horse and buggy! ...more
We need to do this so bad. I think I might have to plan it! Off to read what it was like!more

Our Time

I unplugged this weekend. No Twitter. No Facebook. No email. No texting. Virtually no tv.I have a third-trimester-like-instinct to nest. I cannot stop my mind from thinking about preparing the house for warm weather, organizing the girls’ clothes, determining what we’ll be growing in the garden this year. Even more than addressing our home, there seems to be an impulse to ignore what is beyond our home....more

Forget Verizon vs. AT&T: Why I Won't Get a Smartphone

My phone doesn't text or have Internet. It doesn't take pictures (I have a few other devices that take care of that pretty well!) or video. It doesn't have a touch screen. I don't even think it has any games on it. Know what else my phone doesn't have? A contract. A monthly bill. ...more
I think that you really have made a smart phone choice.more