Scheduling some unstructured playtime

I have Mommy friends who have taken on a third job as chauffeurs. But they don't work for Uber. They work full-time jobs, take care of their families and then cart their children off to a variety of activities. They spend their evening hours away from their homes and behind the wheels of their cars. In the attempt to give our children lots of opportunities to learn instruments, play sports and learn conversational Mandarin, we have forgotten to give them time for unstructured play....more

Ball and Chain In Place? Okay. NOW You Can "Play".

  The Joy of Mothering...more
 @Kraken Anthony always had a delightful imagination and loved heroic heroes who saved the daymore

No Child Left Inside: Why Digging for Worms Is Good

There is a little piece of me, the usually dormant compulsively tidy piece, that gets irritated when she digs up worms in the middle of our not very stable lawn-on-a-hill, or builds forts with sticks woven through newly planted shrubs. But I bite my tongue a lot, because really? I like that she's outside communing with nature and making hosta leaf boats for ants and acting as midwife to worms. Digging in the dirt, learning to fish, planting seeds -- it's all part of keeping her connected to the earth, something that is incredibly important for lots of reasons....more
Get into the garden with your kids. Whether it is in your own backyard or someone else's. There ...more

Do Your Kids Play Enough?

"I just want to play with my friends." I hear that a lot at my house. When our after-school calendar becomes so booked we have to schedule in our bathroom breaks, I can feel the tensions rise and the energy levels plummet. That's when it's probably a good idea to turn off the PDA and tell the kids to go out and play.    ...more