Upcycling Sheets into Crocheted Rag Rugs

I crocheted this rag rug in  a few  hours, from one single cream coloured sheet and half a queen sized blue duvet. No pattern needed;  just make a magic circle, squeeze in 8 to 11 half double crochets into the loop and start crocheting around. I varied the rows with  half double crochets and double crochet stitches using a size Q hook…fun, fast, frugal!...more

Thrift Store Chair Makeover-Living On The Upcycle

I spotted this chair in the back of a Goodwill store.  There were various misc items piled on top of it, and It involved quite a bit of work to break this chair free. I was attracted to the chair design  ( The chair featured a fleur de lys) and I loved the detail.  The chair seat was in very rough shape and it would require re-upholstering.  The overall chair frame seemed like it was in ok shape, and I thought enough of this chair to assume the risk....more

Real World Upcycling

Reclaimed Home...more

Marilyn Make Over Monday! Upcycling a Goodwill Find Bathroom Storage Shelf!

Happy Monday Readers! I thought I would share with you a fun and easy way to upcycle a drab bathroom storage shelf and re-purpose it for whatever your living situation needs.  For example, I live on the second level of an apartment building, but my front door is on the 1st level at the bottom of a flight of stairs (very townhouse-like). There really isn't room for any sort of entry table to put anything. SO I had to problem solve....more

Frozen in time :: a customized clock gift idea

Getting an opportunity to visualize and craft on paper someone else’s feelings, ideas and notions, is every designer’s “dream-come-true” project. It is also the most exciting part of being a creative individual. It makes me feel like a magician sometimes…like waving a magic wand and bringing to life a person’s desires and yearnings....more

DIY :: Tin Box Makeover, an upcycling idea

Turn your empty tin cans/boxes something special! I've collected many dozens of tins/cans of various sizes and shapes, and upcycling them was a very fun project!! You can use these as small storage boxes in your handbag, or as tiny jewelry boxes or simply to keep those hard to find small knick kancks in the drawers....more

Refinishing The White Side Table

After: The White Side Table...more

Rework What You've Got: #BlogHerTalks Upcycling and Repurposing

I have a secret; a strong desire to do something I’ve never done before and I’ve wanted to do it for many years. I haven’t told very many people, but it’s true. I want to repurpose furniture. ...more
I presume the reason that the spines aren't visible is to ensure a visitor doesn't take a fancy ...more

Curbside Finds: Bookshelf Makeover

I have a confession: I am a curbside looky-loo.It's a breed of person that slows down their vehicle, possibly holding up traffic, just to see if there's something good on that curb full of unwanted items.  I do this to find a great project for the most part, but often it's because I know that sometimes trash is just treasure waiting for a coat of paint.  I consider it my duty to the Earth to roadside rescue and save those items from the landfill.  Recently, I found a great curbside rescue and wanted to polish it up and take it a step further....more