Blog Updates You Should Care About if You Care At All About the Future of Humanity

Okay, so maybe that’s overstating it a bit, but if you’re reading this post, I’m pretty sure it did the trick. Also? If Jon Hamm cares enough about these things to make an appearance on my blog and stare at you sternly, pretty sure it’s something you should care about as well. But maybe that’s just me.So, a couple of things you should be aware of…...more

So much for the date

With it being a Tuesday night and no kids I was thinking it would be so nice to have a half night out and a half night in. So Sonny and I loaded up to head to Cleveland for some delicious Golden Wu and then to Walmart so we could pick up some movies and chocolate. We stopped at my friends house so she could burn me some music since I lost ALL of mine from when my laptop was stolen back in November. ...more

Top 10 Lame-Ass Facebook Updates

On Facebook the ”90–9–1″ rule applies.  This rule states that 1% of people create content, 9% edit or modify that content, and 90% view the content without contributing.So with only one percent of all the people creating real content, I on the one hand would like to encourage more people to contribute. On the other hand, I see why some people shrug off the whole concept of Facebook as a lame waste of time....more

How to Make Handmade Cold Process Soaps

Handmade soap is gentler on skin because it's made with natural ingredients, not synthetic ingredients found in most commercial soaps whose sole purpose is to create a foam or lather. Because of this many individuals who can't use commercial soap, and have turned to using only handmade soaps. I first got into soapmaking because I was buying handmade soaps on a regular basis to satisfy my finicky skin. I soon discovered that soapmaking is quite addictive....more

You are a crafting soap-making goddess! Everything you seem to do looks wonderful! more

New Scented Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes

I now have five new, natural, scented solid sugar scrub cubes for sale at Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen! Choose from natural lavender, chamomile neroli, cucumber, strawberry champagne, and pina colada! ...more

Wild Violets are in Bloom!

 Ah, glorious spring! I have wild violets popping up all over my lawn today. I love these plants. They're so pretty. And while they are technically classified as weeds, the leaves have medicinal properties! ...more

57% off at Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen - One Day Only!

Well faithful followers it looks like is pushing through a special offer from my ...more

Spring Clearance Sale at Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen

A huge selection of handmade soaps have been marked down to just $3.50 at Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen! Save now on a wide selection of shea butter soaps - no coupon code necessary! The following soaps are now on sale: 202 Latin Night, Nanny's Pumpkin Pie, Mill Mountain, Bayberry, Hot Toddy, Vanilla Spice, Orange and Ginger Spice, Red Velvet Cake, and Tequila Sour! Plus, you can save an extra 10% off when you use coupon code VAROCKS at checkout....more

Scents for Spring - Blue Ridge Rose Shea Butter Soap

New for Spring, a rose and violet scented handmade soap rich with shea and cocoa butters. This handmade cold process soap is aptly named Blue Ridge Rose after the lovely wild roses and violets that grown in this region. The scent is very floral and feminine - a soothing medley of wild rose and sweet violet blossoms with touches of coconut, orange, and musk....more

Natural Handmade Shea Butter Soap - Unscented Banana Oatmeal Now Available for Sale!

My new handmade Banana Oatmeal Shea Butter Soap is now available for sale from Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen!...more

I love the sound of these soaps, I find natural soaps are so much kinder to the skin than the ...more