Decadence at Saratoga Springs Pavilion Grand Hotel

I'm not a newcomer to Saratoga Springs New York, home of the infamous race track and spring water. In fact, I grew up in the Adirondacks as regular readers of this site know, so truth be told, I am biased (in a positive way) about the area. I know how locals think, tick, create, cook and sleep....more

Dear Upstate New York

When most people hear “New York” they think of New York City.  And why not?  New York City is pretty awesome.  I’ve been a handful of times and loved every minute of my trips to the Big Apple.  But while NYC life is great, there lies more to the state of New York than just the city....more

Gore Mountain Tubing ~ Review~{North Creek, NY}

      We have had a ton of snow here in Voluntown this year!!! Again, the snow was falling so I thought this post would be good for today! We went tubing at Gore Mountain a few weeks ago and it was great! Check out my full review here!...more

Woodstock New York Still Attracts Artsy Songwriters

I had an opportunity to stop through Woodstock New York in upstate New York after a friend's wedding last month. Woodstock is most known for its wild rock and roll (and drug) parties and famous festival in the 1960's. It also has a historical past as far back as the 1800s, when it played host to numerous Hudson River School painters....more

Lake George Area Beer Tweet Up: #ADKBeer28

Like beer? Will you be in the Lake George area on Sat., Jan. 28? Enjoy meeting new people? If you answered yes to these questions, then the #ADKBeer28 tweet up is for you. ...more

Adjusting from Country Life to City Life

So this is my first post. As I stated in my Bio, I'm a non-regular 19 year old girl. I recently moved from rural upstate New York to crazy New Jersey. I must say I have experienced those stereotypical things that you see in movies, like when you see a guy dressed in full cowboy attire entering a five star restaraunt, who blatantly doesn't fit in. Maybe not so extreme. Driving on the parkway is a nightmare....not only for the fact that I drive like a 90 year old lady (You know like those ones who are so short they can't see over the steering wheel of their car? ...more