Not all kids from "The Projects" are hoodlums

It was a cold, rainy night when I stood at the ATM last week. All of a sudden it hit me--the smell of urine. I haven't had to endure the sharp stench of urine for a very long time. ...more

My Favorite Urban Cowboy

I ...more

Great sites for Gardening help.

When In Doubt.There are times when I need a little bit of gardening help. When my friends or family do not have an answer, I can always turn to the internet. I have found several great sites that have top quality information.Reddit  In the past few years, maybe you have heard of this site. If you have not, I suggest that you check it out. There are two areas of reddit that I like to go to....more

Choosing an Urban Public School

A few months before our first son was born, my husband and I moved into a charming downtown sort of neighborhood with many amenities: historic homes, tree-lined streets, shops and restaurants within walking distance. The community was eclectic and diverse, but good public education not one of the selling points. It was assumed that by the time our not-yet-born child turned five, we would move to a standard suburb with high scoring public schools. ...more
Hi Grace, "Have you seen inequities in the public school system based on race and ...more


Lets talk about the urban side of fashion... check out the article on!...more

valentine love graffiti style

turntable adventures and a t-shirt remix

When is a turntable more than a turntable?...more

street style t-shirt of the week: rest in power

Street Style T-shirt of the Week: "Rest in Power" ...more

A miracle for urban schools?

Hill vs. Board of Education; A miracle for urban schools? ...more