Self-Sustainability {Pursuing True Community}

Recently I got the chance to travel to East Saint Louis with my church for a week-long missions trip. We got to work with the youth of a community center to build chess tables, computer tables, and hydroponics carts....more
Great way to show the inclusiveness of sustainability. It can mean something different to ...more

Should All People Have The "Right To Farm?"

Should all of the residents of Michigan have the "right to farm?" That is the hot question around town this week as it became known that the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development made significant changes to the state's "Right To Farm" legislation.Here's how it breaks down (skipping many details and hitting the highlights):...more

We're growing Potatoes ~ I hope

     I recently told you how we were getting serious about growing our vegetables. Like many of you I've spent way more time than I'd like to admit on Pinterest adding things to my boards....more

Will Allen: Growing Power and the Good Food Revolution

In 1993, Will Allen bought the last remaining farm in the city of Milwaukee. It was located in a food desert halfway between two freeways on a very busy street. He bought the farm for selfish reasons.  He was looking for a place to sell the produce he was growing on his 100-acre farm in Oak Creek, WI, outside of Milwaukee. After a couple years, Allen started to work with a youth group on the farm, and eventually his friends talked him into starting a nonprofit....more
Snowy Pines Ridge Farm ~ He really is inspiring, isn't he? Did you see his interview this week ...more

How I Stopped my Bees From Swarming

One of the most self-affirming activities I've yet to experience in my backyard urban apiary.  Go to link below and read this short but s-w-e-e-t post. Kristin Sherman Olnes...more

bunny hopping

  These are the hutches which were given to us (one, by an anonymous person who left it in the street, the other by my gracious, generous sewing teacher, Karen)....more

nasturtium n' tomatoes, fo'evah n' evah

nasturtium n' tomatoes, fo'evah n' evah The Stinking Rose is a much loved restaurant in San Francisco (which appears from the website seems to have sold out some by opening a branch in Beverly Hills, of all places). It's been a fun place to go and bring friends, especially out-of-towners that are suitably impressed by the lush wackiness of the joint. Garlic ice-cream! Oooh-hooo! ...more

almost fishing

almost fishing There was once a fisherman on the beach of Mexico. He was hanging out by his boat, docked on the beach when an American businessman on vacation came and sat by him. The businessman asked the fisherman what he did, he said he fished. "Is that your boat over there?" asked the businessman. "Yep," responded the fisherman. ...more

Family's Trademark of "Urban Homesteading" Sparks Debate

This week, a Pasadena, Calif. family sparked passionate debate within the food, gardening and farming communities when they asserted their right to the trademarked terms "Urban Homestead®" and "Urban Homesteading®." Urban farmers, supporters of the movement, food writers and others have loudly protested what they assert is a step across the line when it comes to protection of intellectual property and free expression. ...more

Urban Homesteading trademark was registered in Supplemental Register. It means that it is merely ...more

Liveblog: Urban Farming

Welcome to the liveblog of the BlogHer Food '10 panel "Values - Urban Farming." Here's the description: ...more