Why I Love My Homestead

Blue State Cowgirl - Thank you!more

squashily, yours

The squash leaves are changing to yellow...more

shoes for my new black

shoes for our new black If chickens are, as they say, the new black, then seed catalogs are my new zappos. ...more

Is very exciting! I always envision all of the wonderful things I will be planting and then ...more

hay is for horses!

hay is for horses! "Hay is for horses!" says Micah. And hay is, indeed. We needed hay for the spiral garden that I wanted to build, for the outline of the front garden that I yearn to create and for the chicken coop, that is almost done. ...more


   Saturday, July 16, 2011...more

bunny hopping

  These are the hutches which were given to us (one, by an anonymous person who left it in the street, the other by my gracious, generous sewing teacher, Karen)....more


   Tuesday, July 5, 2011...more

plant porn

   Thursday, June 30, 2011...more

thin places

  A thin place “is a place where the boundary between heaven and earth is especially thin. It’s a place where we can sense the divine more readily.” In essence, a “thin place” is a way of saying “God is especially present here.” ...more

nasturtium n' tomatoes, fo'evah n' evah

nasturtium n' tomatoes, fo'evah n' evah The Stinking Rose is a much loved restaurant in San Francisco (which appears from the website seems to have sold out some by opening a branch in Beverly Hills, of all places). It's been a fun place to go and bring friends, especially out-of-towners that are suitably impressed by the lush wackiness of the joint. Garlic ice-cream! Oooh-hooo! ...more