Walkable Cities: A Pedestrian Solution

Often, I read about Europeans talking about how they have great transportation systems, and can get anywhere they need without a car.  Without having to move to another country - or continent for that matter - I think it would be in the best interest of Americans to promote walk-able cities....more
Eulalia Benejam Cobb  It is possible to live in rural and urban areas without a car.  I have ...more

Rosy Picture; Details, not so much

Police officers on horses look so majestic.  (I got this picture from the Internet.) Also, a little tie with New York's past.  Also, it is urban legend that being a Mountie is a reward for extraordinary valor.  So, these officers on mount deserve to stand taller than the rest of us. Yet ....more

(VIDEO) Police Shoot a Seven-Year-Old in the Head: How Does This Happen?

Detroit television stations, including WXYZ, as well as the city's newspapers, report a story that chills parents' and grandparents' bones: A seven-year-old girl asleep in her grandmother's home Sunday was shot in the head by police. The child is dead. ...more

The Michigan State Police is one of the most trusted organizations in Michigan - higher trust ...more

Another retiree in the city!

My friend Fran is retiring in Cambridge MA and values an urban area for reasons somewhat different from mine. From Fran:Like Karen, I plan to stay put in the city. I recently attended my high school’s 50th reunion and was amazed at the number of classmates who had retired to Florida. Not my idea of retirement, nor is moving to the country. Unlike Karen, however, I fear that I make very little use of the cultural resources available to me, abundant as they are in Cambridge, MA....more

Retiring in the city!

I finally have the time to take advantage of the cultural resources of Philly. When I was working, I was usually too tired to go to all the wonderful programs at our library, at our Constitution Center, the exhibits at our museums, the many forums sponsored by our civic organizations. Our city may not be rich in per capita income, but we are certainly rich in civic life and cultural institutions. My husband and I have always tried to take advantage of the cultural resources of the city (e.g., our orchestra and theater subscriptions), but exhaustion often got in the way....more

Gun Pulled on Mom with Children in Summer Camp Car Line

When my children were younger and needed to be picked up after school or from summer camp, parents got maps with directional arrows and written instructions. The unspoken message was clear: Don't start no mess in car line, won't be no mess in car line. That's not what happened earlier this week in New Orleans, La., at the Treme Community Center. Parents in car line and the children waiting for them witnessed an off-duty New Orleans police officer gone mad. ...more

I think that most everyone needs therapy, which is similar to your site title.  In fact, I ...more