He Said No

Well, Bob Kerrey made it official today. He said ‘no’ to running for the U.S. Senate seat that will be up for grabs in November’s general election.I’m disappointed.I first met Kerrey 30 years ago when he was in Hastings on a campaign visit. I worked in a bar and one of the owners, who donated money to the Nebraska Dems, brought him there for drinks prior to a meeting.The owner came up to me and pointed at Kerrey, saying ‘See that gentleman? One day, he’ll be president.’...more

Judicial Confirmations Lag Under Obama Administration

Last week, Jacquelyn Nguyen became the first Vietnamese-American judge to be confirmed by the US Senate for the Federal judiciary. That's a salutatory achievement to be sure, but it was made all the more remarkable by the fact that Nguyen is only the 11th of Pres. Obama's judicial nominees to win Senate confirmation....more

BlogHer Contributing Editor, Britt ...more

Obama Administration Support for PATRIOT ACT Renewal Worries Civil Libertarians

Last week, the US Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill reauthorizing controversial provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act that, according to civil libertarians, unnecessarily compromise American citizens' privacy rights. What's worse, the legislation reportedly has the support of the Obama administration, despite the fact that its most troubling provisions were opposed by then-Sen. Obama in 2005. ...more

My senators and asking what they're doing about it.

Thanks for the heads ...more

Big Pharma called me, and now I'm pissed.

I have an unlisted number and I'm on the do-not-call list, so when the phone rings before I've had my cup of tea, I answer anyway. But who was on the other end? My buddy Big Pharma....more

Ten Good Reasons Not to Dismiss Caroline Kennedy So Quickly

It seems that quite a few political pundits are dismissing the idea Caroline Kennedy's appointment to the Hillary Clinton's vacant New York Senate seat as nothing more than a form of Camelot nostalgia. In a recent article for Time, columnist Joe Klein wrote: ...more