Parenting across cultures

This post is prompted by Tamara from Tamara Like Camera Blog. She wanted to know if there are any differences between being  a mom in Croatia vs being one in USA. I will attempt to satisfy her curiosity in this post. When Tamara asked me if there are any differences between two countries, my first thought was not really. Then I started thinking about it, which is always a dangerous thing. At first glance, I'd like to stay by my initial reply and say not really. After all, being a mom is just that: being a mom....more

5 Things I love about 4th of July

 With the 4th at the end of this week, I thought I'd draft my personal top 5 favorites about the ol'red, white & blue celebration. Shall we? 1. I'm going to get right to specifics here and say freedom. While I do feel there are many freedoms still needing some follow through, this country is a great, great land. I'm thankful, proud, and happy to represent this land. ...more

Relocating: Things I will definitely NOT miss about Germany

Howdy and happy Friday!  The weekend is finally here. Oh and if you guys don't know what to do: come on over and help me getting this house in order, so I won't have to be ashamed tomorrow while showing the people who want to move in around! The Realtor called in sick, so I will have to do it.... Ugh. ...more
Grapefruitprincess slsandlin I totally understand its a special place!  I had a hand held basket ...more

"Brrrr....... It's cold..... !"

Last night, Baby Girl and I slept like logs. All I remember is tucking ourselves into bed and snoring away to glory. We finally got a good night's sleep after a very long time. On a normal winter night, we don't have the heater on full blast. Thanks to the ooh-so-warm blankets which keep us cozy and warm....more

It Was The Worst Of Times


2012 Olympics – Go USA!

2012 Olympics – Go USA! Dorthy Hamill was my big idol as a kid.  She'd won the Olympics in 1976.  She was America's sweetheart with her personality, her talent, her haircut.  ~Kristi Yamaguchi...more

Made In America

By: Becky

Why Can't We all Get the Jobs We Like!

''Find a Job You Like/Love and You'll Never work a Day In Your Life''I have heard this saying over and over in my life. For starters it is a very simple saying and I would say it is attainable for most people if Real Life did not get in our way. I have had so many jobs in my lifetime (at 50 I have seen a good bit of life) but to date I can truly not say that I have found a job that I really Love....more

Tyler Southern

Above is an interview with Tyler and his family discussing It's an organization that helps wounded veterans live full lives by customizing homes to their new physical needs. Below is a link to the video update on Tyler's condition. Watch both. They're informative and inspiring. ...more

Happy Holidays

Okay, I promise this will be my last holiday-related post. After this I’ll get my head together and start focusing on life in not-so-sunny Scotland again. But our ten days away were too full of good moments not to share at least some of them. This also serves as my 'Live In the Now' post for July, because it captures so many details that I don't want to forget.The Travel!...more