15 Things That Make You Feel Old (and Young)

"Here's your change, ma'am." (Or any sentence involving the word "ma'am.") What else can make you feel old, or -- more importantly -- young? ...more
old: using: oil of olay ear/nose hair trimmer bathrobe young: not ...more

Keep Your Sense of Self (and Humor) When Looking in the Mirror

When I was 12 years old, I realized that my body was "growing" in new ways. I remember standing sideways, staring at my side-profile in the mirror, aware that my chest and my belly were competing with each other. Which would stand out more? Which would be the center of attention? ...more

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Obsess About My Not-Skinny Size? No Weigh, Baby!

I was nine years old the day I started dreading scales. At my Sunday gymnastics class, the instructor weighed all of us. Then she pulled me aside. ...more
I get on the scale every now and then to see where I'm at, especially if I feel a little heavier ...more

Women’s Sports in the Media and Women in Sports Media - Are They the Same?

Throughout the Women’s Final Four earlier this month in Indianapolis, a number of special interest events took place. Of particular note were two panels that addressed women, sports and the media....more

Fans of women's sports don't need to accept the status quo. Support female athletes by attending ...more

Use Humor to Tackle This Big Adventure

As a personal trainer, let me say something shocking: Exercise doesn’t sound like fun. It sounds like prescription medicine, or some mystical elixir of life, conjured up only through the little-known dark arts of alchemy. If only it were that simple. If only magic could get thee to the gym. ...more

I could have written these words... "
As a personal trainer, let me say something shocking: ...more

How BlogHer and USA TODAY Are Changing the Conversation About Beauty

When we first conceived Own Your Beauty here at BlogHer, we debated for a long time what that statement meant. Feeling perfect and gorgeous every minute is not the goal. Owning the beauty that each of us has inside and outside -- sincerely, whether or not we love our thighs -- is the goal. You can not love your thighs and still own your beauty. Above those thighs are hips, and they might rock. Above those hips are organs -- those that give life, those that pump blood. A mind, a soul. ...more

Abigail Posner, more

For the Love of Books: How and Why Books Get Challenged & Banned Part I

A Salve for the Soul Books soothe my soul....more

Why Wear a Poker Face When You Can Be More Effective Marketing as Batman

By Janette Leon-Speyer There were some marketing fireworks over the 4th of July holiday at the World Series of Poker Tournament in Las Vegas. Batman made his appearance as one of the entrants and turned the normally high roller tournament into a media frenzy. Sure there were the predictable Hollywood and sports celebrities along with the well know poker superstars. People in amusing hats and sponsored shirts with their knuckle-duster rings and assortment of Vegas bling....more

Gen Y: If childfree, more likely to stay that way?

The April 23rd edition of USA Today had the article, "Generation Y faces some steep financial hurdles."  Also known as the Millennial Generation, they include the more than 50 million born from the 1980s to 2000....more

Seriously, CW?